Colin Wongk

The Flame - Poem by Colin Wongk

It starts
A single flicker on the kindling of our emotions
It burns oh so smoothly
So smoothly that I don't even notice the heat
It's the burning of the embers of my hearts as thing begin to start
They burn in my heart scaring the tissue and searing the flesh
My heart is angry at a state of unrest, a sea of flames that rages at best
Some fish jump out high as solar flare! Only to be caught in a another's snare, yet so unaware
Its only fire here
It rages as it devours the air, on a self-destructive path
It can't see, it's the air that allows it to be but it's...
A flame that can never last
It burst! Explodes! BOOM!
It's a flame
It's a fire
It's a flaming ball of emotions set ablaze by that which makes us so cold to the very world we live in, charring everything, every good, bad, and ok deed I ever done into exsentinces! No extinguishers here, no fireman near, never was there an alarm to hear
Just pain, it burns and sears
I try to put it out with these tears by the flame doesn't care
So I guess I'll let it burn like usher said till it all burns down, till it's no more than a glow.
A glow still hot but its holds no danger to anyone, anymore
It burns no more, maybe out of the ashs i can grow

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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