The Flower Vendor Poem by Pankajam Kottarath

The Flower Vendor

Rating: 2.8

The thirteen year old flower vendor,
naïve as the flowers she sold
looks nascent like lilies
in her bamboo bin.

Speed of her fingers surpasses
perhaps that of our thoughts
and her Chennai slang Tamil
leaves a pungent feel, but sadly
poverty had her face acquired.

While blossoms scent her hair
smell of smiling lilies buries
the odour of her detergent-free clothes
but showy plastic smiles,
make her dull and crestfallen
like her unsold evening stocks.

Pangs of hunger stalking her body
she observes the fleeting freshness
of her perishing stocks.
Not the same with her, I wish
and in my thoughts she blooms big
with books rather than the bin.

Rajendran Muthiah 26 April 2012

Wonderful poem with similies and metaphors in all the stanzas. The most beautiful image and thought in this poem is where the flower vendor blooms with books rather than with the bamboo bin in your thoughts. Rated with pleasure: *****

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 14 April 2012

Though in Tamil Nadu, we are practicing free education until University level, a few of our people are dirt poor to send their children to school, a as their fathers are mostly alcoholic and become useless to the family and society. These two political parties have spoiled Tamil Nadu since 1967, by which I do not declare that the congress is a good party. That is the evilest of the evils to create so many economically deprived families not only in TN, but through out India..

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