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The Foundation

The first cracks were so small, they seemed quite passive
If you saw them, you wouldn't have cared at all.
The foundation had taken years to build and was massive.
Like the pyramids, it was built to outlast time and Nature's call.

The blood and sweat that went into each day
In this initial step would forever be recalled.
The winds of time had something to say,
About the humans herculean works, now stalled.

The Stairway to heaven would set such a tone.
The base of the Stairway was over one hundred acres,
twelve feet thick, and made of hand crushed stone.
The prophets asked for sacrifices, but there were no takers.

The whips cracked, and the workers began to push and shove
And the building progressed at a snail's pace.
Can anything last that is built without Love?
Will future generations care, or even leave a trace?

The stairway now reached up out of sight.
The rulers cared not of the workers plight.
They made the work continue on into the night.
The workers exhibited fear and some took flight.

Those initial small cracks began to widen
and they spread their way up the base of the tower.
The Lords had forgotten to pray to Poseidon
Earthquakes now shook, but they still didn't cower.

The Stairway to Heaven came tumbling down.
As the dust began to clear, neither gown or crown
around the entire town was to be found,
Or in the central square, that was actually round.

Decades of work came to no end.
It's not the size of the foundation
on which to depend.
It's real love that you should strongly defend.
You can't build a tower with blood and hate.
It will determine the outcome or fate.

Your foundation must be built with love.
It doesn't come with money or power,
but it comes with the strength from above.
You won't get ahead by being mean and sour.
Always strive for the spirit of the dove.

Just causes are what are best to follow.
Selfish ways leave you sad and hollow.
Build your foundation with joy and care.
And the Lord will shine through,
And always be there.
J.B. LeBuert
Friday, February 17, 2012

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