Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

The Free Radicals With A Lonely Electron! ! - Poem by Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

just want to be beautiful,
stay away from free radicals,
radicals are singles and charged,
neighbor's electrons it fancied,
cheated neighbor become a free radical,
agitated with a lone electron in the outer shell:
the process becomes continuous,
looking for their pair in our cells.
If the free radical steals an electron,
from the base pair molecule of DNA,
the DNA will become cross linked,
cross link leads to aging,
Cross link occur between fat and protein,
yes, the fat and protein cross link,
the free radicals are the reason,
for this intrusion and the affection,
the polished, silky smooth surface,
that is cleaned, masked and moisturized,
the mirror on the wall reflected,
quarter of the salary spent on it,
the first thing that we like to look at,
after we wake up and the last thing,
that we admire before we sleep,
that is our FACE will get wrinkled.

complete absence of free radicals,
is the question of ignorance,
controlling of free radicals,
through abstinence is intelligence,
stay away from alcohol, as it makes you hot,
your heart beats faster to supply oxygen,
When we are completely burnt or oxidized,
the death of this body occur, you are taught,
the liver can process one ounce an hour,
and it prefers to get rid of alcohol quicker,
leaving other vital functions aside:
so fatty liver is shown as beer belly,
your body is filled with radicals the free,
that may lead to the frontal lobe shrinkage,
reason for your subordinate look at you, crossed,
as your intellectual impairment is displayed,
Lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits,
are the reasons for the free flow of free radicals,
apart from our genetic make up and destiny,
your hormones are just enough to make you a hot chick,
stay away from the fermented poison,
to care your children when they are young,
to care your parents when they are old,
to care yourself as a human, the bold.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 19, 2012

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