The Gallows Poem by Pankajam Kottarath

The Gallows

Introspection revisited late
Thro' the stillness of nights
As emotions overruled logic
Revenge went to wreckage
Repenting for the fateful act
Between the present and the past
Charges, trials and verdicts
Seclusion enough to repent
Real lament for the hateful fault
Not in count for the law of land.

Wakefulness perhaps with intent
To be subjected to eternal sleep
Extreme loneliness of the prison
Merged in the entombment silence

Rituals performed as recorded
Fitness of the subject ensured
Last supper, cold bath, last wish
Height, weight, everything, taken care of.

Noose in place, knots perfected
Not to crop up a slip in the result
An instant clasp is only in intent
Hands to the back, black mask ready
Gallows tested to withstand the force
For a flaw in the act is not in forecast

Hangman checked in as summoned
A plump giant figure, frozen face,
Eyes that witnessed horror stricken gazes
Hands that laid scores to rest.

Pull of lever sharp at the posted second
Panic propels underneath the planks
Loneliness made to flee, sleep peaceful
Gallows stand quiet for the next in wait.

Bird flew away leaving the cage
Bare cage waits to get detached
To be handed over to the kin in wait
Having done with the task perfect.

As sunrays peeped in the morn afresh
Dewdrops vanished in a rage of disgust.

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