Revelation Poem by Pankajam Kottarath


Rating: 2.8

As last sunrays prepared to quit
I found my pet dog annoyed
snooping and sniffing his ways
in and around the messy shed
chasing the lone cute kitten,
soft and frail
with speaking eyes
in ash gray and pure white
mixed with an assortment of yellow
hiding on top of the piled up wastes.
Tabby cat out just then
I was happy, "the little one is wise enough"
It learns to defend itself
from nature's open book,
who knows how to teach
and when too.

Closed doors, no barrier big,
fail to distract the German breed
nor the piled up coconut shells
at the threshold, also
my screams to divert him.

He walks noiseless,
strains every nerve
trying to squeeze his bushy body
into the small space,
underneath the rickety door, in which
not even his tail can fit, and
marked with an intense grit,
a resolve in the corner of his eyes
that refuses to bend.

Ring of my telephone by then
Diverted me, but not my pet
And when I had finished
the awful thing had happened
He stood with a bloody tongue;
Me with a bleeding heart.

Prasanna Kumari 23 March 2012

beautiful description of what happened, although painful, is interesting...

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Pheko Motaung 21 March 2012

A revealing glimpse into your inner world! Well done and thank you very much

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 12 March 2012

It is quite sad whenever we see such incidents. Well written!

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