The Gigantic New Man Poem by Seshendra Sharma

The Gigantic New Man

Really do you believe

The wheel of time turned and turned

Lives into cross and man into Christ;

That is this day of amazing sculpture

When the sun of a anew era is rising

On the horizon…

He is getting us a new gift of a new ‘Geetha'

A Geetha, which roars about Revolution

And Martyrdom…

Today this heroic new Era shattered the

Chains of prisonership and changed man

Into a gigantic force….

That force that man is aggrandising the

Frontierless sky, as if the steps he laid

On earth is not enough.

Iron coloured dawns and gunpowder odours

Are awaking, itching for war, sleeping

In the muscles and drumming an Era's

Slogans and ideologies… the trash and

Rubbish, all that of that era vanished

With the pages of history…

Man rolled in terrific emotions, is being

Washed off to new shores,

As like the orb of sun oscillating between

East and West; between the shores of

Light and darkness.

That very new and hefty man

Is dashing against the sky from the

Old dilapidated caves of

History and dragging untruth

To cross-

The Gigantic New Man
Thursday, February 13, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: inspirational,optimism
Seshendra Sharma

Seshendra Sharma

Nagaraajupaadu/Nellore district/AP/India
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