Thoughts of a Single Man

The Girl Downstairs - Poem by Thoughts of a Single Man

I can hear her in her room
crying quietly in the corner
another night with those dirty hands on her
the worse kind of abuse
is when it's done by someone
who was supposed to care
should have been there
to keep her safe yet she is trapped in this state
fearing every time he comes near her
he is not her father and he did not have to bother
to rob her of her of her innocence
she is more than a teen but not quite grown
trapped on the second floor
in the realm unknown
I have seen her with fresh bruises
though she does to see me look
as I write in the mystery book
my pen shall save her
for I have deemed her worthy
and the day shall come that she has heard me
and I will free her of her prison
with the scripted words
that are given for I am driven
by the edge of the pen
too wire the words for women and men
to those who have sinned yet need to start again
have their heats beat again
I hear her sometimes sneaking up to the roof
as she climbs she pole outside her window
to find comfort on the roof top
and this will be where her destiny will lie
for she will lean how to fly
without wings with out fights
as she walks the tightrope of hope
connecting with her own soul
bonded though the sacred pen I hold
and as for the man with the filthy hands
I will deal with him myself
for there are times
when the pen is not enough
for I too need the rush
of hand on flesh
for the fist off Justice shall weigh heavy
and dropp hard and heavy
on the sickening brute
as for now I sit in the shadows
in the light of the glowing pen
writing a message that I shall send
to the girl downstairs

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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