The Girls From Here To The Other Corners Of The World - Poem by RIC BASTASA

yes, yuri, the girl from cebu
whose heart has turned to stone
is not an exception,
if fact she is a general rule,
they are uprooted from
the clutches of poverty
from fathers who are
unemployed from mothers
who earn their living
on the simplest chores
of household keeping
where there is nothing
to keep, of fish vending
where there is no fish,
of selling vegetables
where there is no
good harvest, and so
these girls have to
attend to themselves,
and the internet has
become the tool,
display their wares
seduce the south african
male for an exotic treat
of oriental coyness
and shyness feigned,
enticing the whites
and blacks to pour
their dollars on their
innocent breasts,
these occur so
regularly as a matter
of accepted occupation,

predator prey relationships
thrive, vultures come and
wait, because there are
dead meat offered in
our streets aplenty in the
internet.....blame them?
reprimand who?

let them play their games
let them find out who is
the prey and who is the
predator, because Yuri,
they are all big enough
and we just mind our
own business, let one
find his pleasure, and
let the other give it to him.

and let us watch who
punishes whom, who
gains who loses in
their own free games.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 13, 2008

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