The Glitter In Your Eyes Poem by PREMKUMAR C N

The Glitter In Your Eyes

Rating: 5.0

Confessions Of Krishna - 4

Some where in the horizon I saw your image
Painted by the airy brushes on the cloudy canvas
Illuminated by the heavenly hue of the setting sun
Shrouded by the glossy halo around

The crimson colour in the sky reflects your cheeks
With that shyness of innocence which only I could see
On your face when you blush with vibrant flashes
Of sublime love that radiates to all elements

I wish to glide in the wings of mist and touch you
To fly with you wantonly around the whole world
To creep through chilling air in moonlight
And glide down to the flowery gardens of Vridavan

But when darkness crept in I miss you again
In the star studded sky which curtains the galaxy
Where have you vanished so quickly
Leaving me lonely in blinding darkness

The stars try to imitate the glitter in your eyes
But fail helplessly and cry for your sight
To pacify my heart which pounds and weep
To see you till its last beat.

(This is an imaginary poem written as narrated by God Krishna to his childhood love Radha, to show how sublime and deep his love was.)

Ken E Hall 20 May 2012

A fairy tale look at the love of Radha beautifully portrayed with the backdropp of the universe to inspire the reader which it did handsomely...regards

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Aquarius Girl 19 July 2010

felt like reading a fantasy tale and it was slowly unfolding in front of my eyes..u paint with ur words, , , the stars trying to imitate the glitter in her eyes and failing to do inspiring piece

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MICHAELSANGEL Rebirth 16 July 2010

Exquisite. Eloquently penned in an informative, teaching yet 'fairytale' format. What extensive knowledge you have of this touching story about eternal love. Love the use of metaphors.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 24 June 2010

‘To fly with you wantonly around the whole world’…wantonly … without motivation or provocation…unidirectional/unconditional Love… Finest metaphors… >>>> Painted by the airy brushes on the cloudy canvass/Illuminated by the heavenly hue of the setting sun/Shrouded by the glossy halo around’…’ Matchless…. Thanks for sharing Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Carol-Anne Spalding 07 May 2010

Once again, you have touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for posting another one. I truly long for Krishna. It's been far too long and I'd give anything to be with him, forever. In honour of love, jade, you and, of course, Krishna, I give my most heartfelt thanks and deepest appreciation. Cannot wait to read another....

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