The Gold Knight And The Dragon Poem by Juan Olivarez

The Gold Knight And The Dragon

Rating: 5.0

A fiery dragon, so wicked and foul,
Laid waste to the countryside.
Making the peasants scream and howl,
And run to the hills and hide.

The villages went up in smoke,
The children were eaten by the beast.
It was an oppressive heavy yoke,
That wicked dragons endless feast.

One day Sir Diego, the Gold Caballero,
On his white charger came riding by.
And listened to the tales of sorrow and woe,
And said to the villagers, ' this beast will die.'

With his sword and his lance, and armor of gold,
He rode forward to seek the beast.
There never was a knight so valiant and bold,
As sir Diego, the Gold Knight, on his Godly quest.

On a mountain high he found the lair,
Of that foul and wicked beast.
With a maiden there chained, so very fair,
And bones of the most ghoulish feast.

With his great broadsword, he hewed the chains,
That held the maiden in bondage so cruel.
And then meticulously took great pains,
To hide well the maiden from the evil ghoul.

And then he built a gargantuan fire,
In the mouth of the dragon's foul smelling lair.
That made the cruel beast writhe with ire,
And rush out in the open, without good care.

On his magnificent charger Sir Diego came,
And drove his lance into the breast,
Of that foul beast too evil to name,
Came off his charger and crossed his chest.

Then taking the broadsword in his hands,
And swinging it high above his head,
He sliced off the head off the terror of the land,
And there ended that country's terrible dread.

Riding back he found the maid,
And pulled her on his chargers back.
And they rode away, a most unlikely pair,
Till in the distance they were but a speck.

11/03/10 Alton texas

Juan Olivarez

Juan Olivarez

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