The Good The Bad And The Ugly Poem by Blake Ruley

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

...Only good and love can be received - while being Light and love, Divine mercy!
In which I am an extension of thine energy, and it is that of love I wish to plead with thee. I need not to worry about evil influences, thoughts or acts.. I am guided divine Love seeking and finding love..
To even think I could use such a word.. To enter my sublime state, to disturb me with such chaos! !
I will hear no word or act of this thing we define evil..
Cross the ages, my King has come.. And has delivered me from those evil ones..
I will raise my spirit aloud to the mountains... There day's are numbered, those damned wicked villain's!
This I rite, from day to day..
...Breathing everlasting to no sting to no cry, on my fateful day!
I am evolving my conscious, and learning with might.. That the Lords strength, is peace and thats right! ..
In tongue, in act, in simple retract I do all things with the mightiest of psalms. Grace - Never written have I the book of Grace, its all so easy.. we sing it - smile among day to day..
But do you know the mightiest of virtues?
Abolish perfect - enemy of good, and abolish wrong, teacher of righteousness..
Learn the love song! Live in the grey and direct thee lighthouse..
Clear from fear, doubt and worry...Dismay thee!
Let the ship harbor and scurry across the cloudy sea of blue, waves gently amongst the Most..
..They wave at me, with smile and bliss..
How good it is to see my dear friend I boast!
My Lord, My Savior the host of host!
'My King, what word have you to give me the most? !
'I am Vengeances and I am Fury, we are One but we are many..
Go and knock three times on these evil intentions.. Should they answer...
'I suppose if, they ask for mercy is the test we must give'.
...'Answer to them, we are Legion.. Mighty and Light... Shine'th we each corner of plight..
Fear not with humble noble hearts.. 'I speak to you Sir James who I know goes through disdains'
'Thank you Milord, my Brother and King, gracefully I bow and adore your Queen...
Love Conquers all! !
A'ho! !


*Note this is a work of fiction and poetry* - *I do not speak on behalf of the Lord of Lords.. I am just trying to be upmost respecful*


The Good The Bad And The Ugly
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