Wishing The World A Joyous Christmas be Alone! ! ! Poem by Blake Ruley

Wishing The World A Joyous Christmas be Alone! ! !

I‘m Tiny Figwink!
You are the life and soul of the Christmas party! You're a playful, fun and festive little fairy, and take pride of place at the top of every guest list this season! Your gift of enchantment is your boundless enthusiasm, and the creative sparkle you carry everywhere you go!
...[? ]
(The saddest thing I've ever written, and most immaculate too)
Notes on 27th February 2018
In mid conversation, while the choppy waters begun to calm, she received a call from her greatest friend, a drone.
While on speaker, with trust known she let him speak lies to her, with stuttered deceit..
He wanted her then, and wanted her now, he knows she's easy, and he is foul.. 'How am I getting away with this he thinks' Disguising a vow, 'oh but its the last chance to see me, I leave in the morning'!
'Oh what a tragedy, that poor baby.. needs me tonight before twilight! '
'Blake its time for me to go, I've had my time with you, he is worth more'
'But I don't have time for this, his shield is fine..'
'It failed you before! And it failed you again! I worry it would fail three times and you'll be heartbroken again! '
'I don't have time for this, and I'm leaving soon.. Thanks for the love potion my prince has called.. Ill see him soon..'
'His friends are there too! The ones who treat me like dirt, its nice to be with them they keep me in hurt'
'Ill tell you I love you 4 hours from now, hopefully that will get you what you want, am I not clear? '
'You left me alone, all once again.. With a story you made up for reasons to go to him.. I tried to look after you.. I tried to do what was right, then you strike me down with vengeance and blight..
You taint my hope, and cloud my vision.. To ever hear from you is a suicide mission..'
'I'm sorry I spoke my heart, and revealed my vulnerable sides.. I should had known what would had happen.. Free ticket to laugh and then to hide.. I've given you my all, inside and out.. The word I hate the most, 'Indifference' you shout..'
'Being with you is draining my soul.. and I need to save what I am for something more'
'I thought you were all, and I invested to much.. You stole my heart, my spirit and my very soul..'
'I have not heard from you in quite some time.. I have lived this day before.. To many times'
'If I was strong, Id naught speak again.. But your all I had.. And I don't think we will meet again.'
'I loved you forever, and like no other'
'Bless you and farewell'

Blake j Ruley
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Wishing The World A Joyous Christmas
be Alone! ! !
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