TaBresha Bozeman

Rookie (03-24-93 / Atlanta, georgia)

The Guardian Angel - Poem by TaBresha Bozeman

There once a girl who ran away
Because the abuse she could not hide
So as she walked along the highway
A truck stopped to give her a ride
He said 'Where are you headed? '
She answered with a sigh
He said 'Come on. I'm going that way.'
He look like an upstanding guy
She hopped in and introduced herself
He plastered on an evil smile with no reply
Up close, in his eye there was suspicion
Then she knew common direction was a lie
She told him to stop the truck
She'd rather walk
He only accelerated more
And told her do not talk
When he locked the doors
She began to scream and shout
Then he yelled at her for silence
Then hit her in the mouth
She then began to taste the blood
She began to weep
Until there was a girl in the road
Wearing but a sheet
When he saw the girl
The driver started to swerve
And to his disadvantage
He didn't see the curve
The truck was dangling by a thread
The runaway without a scratch
She explained where she was
And the situation to dispatch
Then she heard a girl yell down
'Come on. Grab my hand.'
She pull up the runaway
As they watched the truck crush the man
She thanked the girl with all her heart
Then when the police arrived
she didn't know where to start
When she turned around
The girl in the sheet was gone
She just took a hour to explain the story
She didn't know she took that long
Two police officers, stood pointing
One with a picture of my savior
I said 'That's her. That's her.'
Everyone reacted immediately to her behavior
My mother encouraged me to slow down
'Mom that's the girl that saved me'
The officer glanced at the photo
and looked at me as if i was crazy
'Sorry ma'am but I think you got it wrong.'
We just found this girl down the road
She was on her way to her boyfriend house
But she never showed
'Sorry to disappoint you.'
But you must be mistaken
She's been missing for a week
And a couple days since her life was taken
Then it hit me like a ton of bricks
My guardian angel watched over me
She knew that I was in danger
I can never stop thanking thee

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