The Healer Poem by Adam Sobh

The Healer

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Once upon a time in a land far away, there lived a man by the name of George. George however was no ordinary man; you see George possessed the power to heal. He could heal himself as well as others. And while this power helped George, it also created many problems for him. But before I tell you that story, allow me to back up a little and tell you how George got his power. It all started about a week after George’s 21st birthday. George, who just so happened to be an astronomer, was gazing up at the stars through his telescope, when all of a sudden a meteor shower began. Awed by this rare and beautiful sight, George did not realize the potential danger of being outside during a meteor shower. It was only when a rainbow colored meteor began streaking across the night sky heading straight at him that George finally snapped out of his trance and began to run for his life. Sadly though, it was already too little too late. Before he could run more than a foot, the meteor struck its target, so forcefully that it literally swept him off his feet and slammed him head first into the earth. Conscious for only a few moments before everything went dark, George could hear himself praying for the Lord to spare his life. While he was unconscious, George saw a mysterious figure approach him and say “with great power comes great responsibility, remember that George.” After speaking these words, this unidentifiable figure walked away and vanished, into thin air. At that moment, George awoke in a cold sweat. Panting for air and examining himself, he was surprised to find that he was unharmed and not a single mark was on his body. Still shaken by all that had happened, George began to walk home when all of a sudden; he tripped and fell scrapping his knee against the pavement. “Ouch! ” he bellowed, then began to examine his wound. As he was examining it, blue sparks suddenly shot out of his fingertips danced around his wound and vanished. Leaving his knee completely healed as if nothing had ever happened. His jaw hanging open in disbelief George struggled to comprehend the events that had taken place over the span of the last two hours. Finally he came to the conclusion that there must be a reason why of all the people in the world, the good Lord chose to give him this amazing gift. He decided that in his quest to find the answers to his many questions, he would use his new found power to help other whenever possible.

Paige S 13 April 2009

Good story! Very well worded too. Great job Adam!

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Adam Sobh

Adam Sobh

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