The Heart's Counting Knows Only One Poem by Jane Hirshfield

The Heart's Counting Knows Only One

Rating: 3.6

In Sung China,
two monks friends for sixty years
watched the geese pass.
Where are they going?
one tested the other, who couldn't say.

That moment's silence continues.

No one will study their friendship
in the koan-books of insight.
No one will remember their names.

I think of them sometimes,
standing, perplexed by sadness,
goose-down sewn into their quilted autumn robes.

Almost swallowed by the vastness of the mountains,
but not yet.

As the barely audible
geese are not yet swallowed;
as even we, my love, will not entirely be lost.

Skarpathiotaki Mary 09 December 2017

I very very like your poetic you are romantic 10

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Kenneth Maswabi 07 March 2016

something is stirred within...strange... emotions

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Edward Kofi Louis 07 March 2016

Audible! With the adventures of life. Thanks for sharing.

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