hamid kareem

The Household Name

What makes a man. What breaks a man. Which actions make us rise. How do we affect destiny. What do we call our own. When can we say we've tried.

A man is made by lifes events. The spirit is broken by events. Time and tides take us higher. What would be can be altered with work.
what is yours cannot be taken from you. when we die with smIle on our lips.

With cries we came. In pain we would go. A single tear, an ounce of regret. For things done and others yet to be done. This life of joy, trials, tribulations and victory. In the end, nothing is promised and certain.

Stories take us through the steps of time. Lonely corridors filled with dreadful rooms. A single window with fresh rays of sunlight. A happy ending on the premise of the morrow. The never endin trials of a lone hero. The happy-go-lucky of merry people.

You can tell this story to family and friends. For dogo's is an household story. To serve as an example people tell of him. To sons and daughter so they will learn of his tragedy
Dogo for that was his name was once of wealth. i saw him perform once and thats how i knew his story.

I watched him all day. Amidst laughter and hysterical people.
As I marveled what entertainment can do to a body. If only i knew his story, i was told. If only i knew of the entertainers tragedy. This embodiment of laughter n lifes story.

His used to be an house hold name. People prayed to be as he. His riches they say is as far as the eye could see. His misforturne he thought was his only male child. Four beautiful children and three were female. For this he puffed and raved till he took another wife.

He acknowledged the male angrily. To the city to study he sent him. However the females and their mother, he left in penury. Its five years and still no child for the second wife. And his again became an household story. Dogo maltreats his wife so poorly, they say.

At last i think the gods took pity on him. And the second wife gave birth to twins prematurely. On the eight day of their ceremony. Dogo threw a feast for days daily. Disperse the crowds before they ruin you people said. Alas the twins within an hour of eacj other died on the fifteenth day.

At the news of their death, dogo lost his way.
He raved, ranted and refused to listen to reason. His life changed as on diviners he spent his money. Then he took to serious drinking. But its on gambling he met his ruin. When twas evident he'll soon join street-walkers fuming.

The young wife left pen and all. The dogo known to us became an empty shell. Then, His son saved him house and all
after persuasive words from uncles to him. His son returned with the first wife and sisters. Dogo stopped drinking and it seemed he wont fall.

Dogos name again became an house hold tale. But the greatest of troubles was yet to come. For dogo believed his son was ripe for marriage. He being the man he was sought for him a wife. He sought for a beautiful dame and sent for his son to come. In anger the day he saw the letter, the son left for the home.

He never really got home for their was an accident.
Three days after, his body was brought in a mat. A man who saw it happen said he was not involved with a rat. He was just speeding and crashed into a cart. Since then, dogo became an entertianer who lived in jest. And people say he slipped Up somewhere and the gods are in pursuit

Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 17, 2013

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