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a young poet, writer and publisher/ceo elite vibez magazine. Read my poems to connect..they are nothing but MEMOIRS OF A YOUNG AFRICAN

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Clarissa Tobey 10 April 2008

hey sexy i love them soooooo great write me bye now the sweetheart xoxoxox ct

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Nicole Moore 26 March 2008

My friend and i like your poems they are really good to read! you should write more poems. I really enjoy reading them

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The Best Poem Of hamid kareem

A Name For My Daughter

i hear the name
and my world revolves
a name for angels
beautiful beyond imagining
a name of goddesses
dressed in silk clothes
the name of my angel
wonderful beyond creation
a name for my daughter
if ever i have one
to light my world
as it does at the moment
for truly its a name for angels

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hamid kareem Popularity

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