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i hear the name
and my world revolves
a name for angels
beautiful beyond imagining

off they went three foolish greedy men
in search of death to kill him before they die they mean
onward they went with neither food nor spleen
but for a bottle that soon dried up of wine


a formal word
for life at its end
you come in black
hovering unseen in the dark

if i had a son
i'll show him care
so as to have love
i'll give him money

Friend or Foe?
This is the question I ask
As I look unto the world
Verily a Judas is come

i look at my land
and i couldnt help but behold
as i cried at the sight
my home and country is dying

i looked to my left
a vast nothingnes befell
to my right behold
are walls too cold from lack of touch

when i was young
i'd sit for hours
watchng the moon
more in awe and

i would like to die a man
with smiles and laughter
till death in my mouth
i would like to die

the blanket of night
as been removed
as the early gleam of rays
like the haze on the mountains of switzerland

i never knew twas like this
this world this earth
this land of cries

i hear of the place
from every mouth in my place
even those who never believed
have babbled of the land

leave me i beg to my element
let me my mistakes make
let me shameless myself correct
till to my allure at least i try


a wordly good
bought with life
sown with seed
born to be


what is this life but a place of visit
but knowing we will one day passo'er
and this world our host
has all our desires

my fair lilly
i look at you
and i see a gem unknown,
a glistining star in a lonely sky

i cried as i came
for the world i saw
was not the world i crave
the world i saw

blasphemy! That’s the word they decry
Oh! Amucks take me not for my words
For tis not the body but the soul
Tis not this words but soul that’s in it

The first time I had a rat visitor
I heard scratching at my door
Tap; tap, I heard on my doorstep
Scared I sat before standing up

My land and home
Perfect as perfect could be
Though less colorful to many a painters gaze
Alas! Tis as perfect as perfect could be

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a young poet, writer and publisher/ceo elite vibez magazine. Read my poems to connect..they are nothing but MEMOIRS OF A YOUNG AFRICAN)

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A Name For My Daughter

i hear the name
and my world revolves
a name for angels
beautiful beyond imagining
a name of goddesses
dressed in silk clothes
the name of my angel
wonderful beyond creation
a name for my daughter
if ever i have one
to light my world
as it does at the moment
for truly its a name for angels

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Clarissa Tobey 10 April 2008

hey sexy i love them soooooo great write me bye now the sweetheart xoxoxox ct

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Nicole Moore 26 March 2008

My friend and i like your poems they are really good to read! you should write more poems. I really enjoy reading them

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