Jordan Legaspi

Rookie (24 July 1978 / Davao City, Philippines)

+ The Journey - Poem by Jordan Legaspi


In the beginning…

Above nothingness he created the world
The voice of love whence all things came
The dwelling place and godly abode
Where fowl and beast equal and the same
Living harmoniously night and day;
And out of mud perfected he and she
Bare the image and likeness oh truly
Being body and soul masterpiece of thee;
And they become one whence humanity begun
From east to west they sow joy and reap bliss
And from the north to south thy will be dune
Glorifying thy name above and below the heavens;
But the wind blows and darkness enveloped they
Malice crept to their veins mark that day.

Inhabited the land…

Hail full of grace sons and daughters;
Bone and flesh, great and noble at feast
Four-corners is at your feet persuade powers;
And blessed are you the human face of beast
Praise the congregation from the abbey they sung
In-sex the image of faith, the dead god;
And tongue blesses the pit, the virgin fang
To give birth of Adam, live and fed out of cad;
Hymn of the prophet that gives life to thee
And through itself religion, the holy tomb,
Wash with human blood painted the tree
Flesh on canvass, the mystery womb;
New unchained Moses yet proclaimed by law
On white cassock angel of death bow

But he chose you…

Whence the time had begun
His voice is calling you
Before the day breaks, early than dawn
In his hand and watched you to grow
The mountains may pass away
The waters may go dry and the earth gone
His words for you will stay night and day
Because he choose you the beloved son
To be his feet and hand a soldier of no arm
The ambassador, zeal with love to go to distant land
Bring his name so they may know
“I am who am”, sending you above and below
For them to know the way leading to me
Remember I may be far but near thee

Un-welcomed stranger…

A friend ones he was called, young full of dreams
Yet youthful he was, the forsaken fate
And live lone in the hamlet of commoners
The only world he believes the comfort of faith;
With bare hands ate and live the poor man
Face without name ignored by the society
And the heartless Levi, the anointed one
Lips cast amen but blinded blessedly,
The little treasure of God made him whole
Ignorant of the law made his wealth consumed
By the promising religion, cruel people
And dig a pit devotion they say yet only doomed;
Foolish virgin with a lamp for him to see
Just like a long lost coin ransom for him to be free.

Another messenger…

Holy mother of the begotten, human form yet void
Mother and child ill-used for power and might
Bring forth salvation, snared bandage of hatred
But the prince planted the tree of life he crept;
And glory shines through, eye neither blinded nor gives sight
For the watchers are fast asleep let pass the shadow
And covered the whole earth, casting no light
The sons and daughters of no where to go;
A time raises justice and peace, but last a period
Ruled the land bringing the name, the one and divine
But all inhabitance soon confuse, from the rectitude
Of nothing yet below something from the heaven;
At that night silence all over the sky when they fell
From their deep sleep he comes to sound the bell.

And he cries…

Tears dried up my memories of you
No nothing I can give now
And my heart turns into motherly statue,
Less my breath leave the broken vow?
Bitterness upon my veins slowly crept
Like a cancer cell the whole body is dying,
Because of love emptiness and doubt I felt
But soon beloved in-chained heart end the crying
With eyes but cannot see the fruit of the tree
And head yet empty fool of unfaith,
The soul willing to grow but not free
Imprisoned by vanity, eaten by poverty of wealth;
And I cry, for you I offer my self and die
Just to bring dead to life, my fatherly way.

It came to pass…

The gallant on robe, none from them remembered
The hour nor the day he left with goodbye he cannot say
While they dance and rave, empty nave is behind
Closed let fall of the temple took nothing and walks away,
His shadow paint the town blue, yet they feel it no
The meager had no time left, seeking for him again
Lit the old lamp to the wilderness fly bid to follow
For faith had passed away, alas! No more God, amen;
The prelate no words to say but the king may convey
Listen irons and bars, you statues appear, vital and live
Let hear and see wonders, ignorance of illusion for they
Adam and Eve, prisoners of the sanctuary cave;
Let go of your life, the covenant communion to pan
Un-pure bread and wine for the crucified son

To sound the silence…

Ladies from the corners, await the groom is here
From his long journey after that day in Calvary
Spoke to rotten bones and wretch flesh amber
Witnessed the man naked in the buff of humanity,
Dead bell calling them, praise hosanna on the highest
But spirits falling-off nay hear the jubilee song
For after three days north to south, east and west
Darkness covered every deceitful and stony tongue;
But behold your king is here, what will you offer
Magnificent altar, marble and brass decorated citadel
Precious images of calf and gout curved stoned chair
The splendor implanted-cross, knights from the hell
Undress your self, un-pure and malicious man
Proclaimed the three divine by the whimsical clan.

And they hear it not…

On the court creed and vow flew dancing to the air
The rag swept the word, leaving the dust of malice
Lecture of divine master, bringing the world together
But human hand yields, the hidden beast;
The red horn parliament and republic called for statute
Among them baptizing Babel, the golden tower
And hence rulers, potentates are all ill lute
Broken stuff left alone and never to put the old miter;
The new age has come milk and honey no more
The riders raped Eden and bore the fruit, the first fall
To toil the earth and plant seed of life lustful labor
And she sings and dances with her nature, fare and foul;
Sow faith the land is dead let heart water the dry field
Rip love, my words that redeem the crucified.

But some remain…

Red-Horse road seeking the sons and daughters of God
Fire flame from his eye, soon consumed Jerusalem
But the shepherd is awake gather his lamb;
From no where pale man, lo and behold, he called him
What you sow is the ends of time, rip your unbelief
And alas follow me, you little one truth will unfolds,
They’re the city of Zion praising the golden calf
Carpeted bones off balance the scale bloody dusts
Counting the season of nay sun and moon;
But the greatest will come to cut the sea to find his way
Leading the gods who marched through ages while blowing the horn
Cast the burning torch to give life, the long lost day,
Hosanna, hosanna to the highest
The groom is here let us sing and dance to begin the feast.

The new day…

Glory to the father who created and Eden he gave to they
Where minstrel praised and poet dreams his hymn
Let fly loneliness of heart and worries give no way;
Blessed the son of man hanged for Zion and Jerusalem
Let blood flew to water what they sow
Along the stony ground let grow and yield fruit;
Amen! Amen! The ghost breathe to melt the snow
And touch the cold iron bars to welcome the lost:
The sons who die that day will wonder no more
Women in wilderness found nerve against the serpent
While sin that had eaten Job goodness found his cure
And peace between brothers, Cain and Abel will build tent;
The journey has ended from death to life were it begun
The battle of self-mentality yet finally glories to the son.

The 'The Journey' was adopted from the Bible's account of God's saving act- the salvation story. The author's attempt to pen what he understands of the Salvation history as presented in the Bible.

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