Tristan Maverick

Rookie (3/4/1991 / Dover, NH)

The Journey Of Lost Love - Poem by Tristan Maverick

(This one's a bit long, just a warning.)

He comes for me,
Comes through the silence,
Though the pain,
The tears.

He sees the light,
Sees my shining light,
My heart beating,
Hearts Throbbing.

He says many words,
Says many words of wisdom,
Many caring words,
Caring and true.

He tries to show me,
Tries to tell me,
To explain how he feels,
Explain we are not meant to be.

He came to me to help.
He saw my light of who I am.
He said he cares about me.
He explained why we cannot be.
Though he did ti for the wrong reasons.

He entered my life,
Entered my life forcefully,
My empty life,
Empty of love.

He filled me with life,
Filled my empty heart,
My empty heart with love
Empty, now overflowing.

He changed my life,
Changed me forever,
Filled my heart with love,
My eyes with tears.

He called for me,
Called through the silence,
Through the pain,
The emptiness.

I let him into my life.
My empty heart filled.
My eyes filled with tears.
For he called through the silence.
Though he did it for the wrong reasons.

He has his own past.
His own beloved.
His love that denied him.
As he denied me.

He has his own past.
His own beloved.
His love that betrayed him.
As he promised never to do to others.

He has his own past.
His own experiences.
His past where he was alone.
As he swore he would not let others be.

He has his own past.
He has his own experiences.
He has lessons he's learned.
That he told me,
For I did not know.

But I did know.
I learned those lessons.
Learned before he taught,
Or tried to teach.

He thinks he knows,
Thinks he knows what I'm going through,
Thinks they're the same,
They are not.

He told me his story,
Told me his past,
His lessons learned,
Lessons I must learn.

He thought I didn't know,
Thought I didn't learn yet,
But I did learn,
I did know.

He knows much,
Knows many thinks,
Many things that I don't,
But many I do.

He thought he knew me.
He compared his lessons with mine.
He tried to teach me.
He knows much,
But so do I.

He could have just let me alone,
Left me alone that fateful day,
Left me to fall for someone else,
Fall for someone who loved me back.

But he didn't.
He was there.
He was always there.
He is always there.

I could never have met him.
I could never have been hurt.
I could never have felt the pain.

But I also would not have been able to feel,
Feel the love,
The hope,

He came to help me.
He saw the light of my life.
He said he cares for me.
He explained why we cannot be.
And though he may have done it for all the wrong reasons.

He did it nonetheless.

And I could not be more happy.

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