Akash Agrawal

Rookie (26th March,1992 / Rairangpur)

The Killer - Poem by Akash Agrawal

' My life, why did you drown?
Why did you make my life upside down? '
In a dream, moving through the lane of faded memories
Shouted in deep sleep, an old lady.

Hearing the cry so lament
Was thought she was in great torment.
With a jerk woke up the young son
When he was home in vacation.

On his lap, she was laid
Was asked for any aid.
She was given a glass of water
And then she felt much better.

After a long pause of silence
Seemed everyone was dead for an instance
The son then broke the ice
And asked her, 'Is everything alright? '

She assured him
She was all in her wits.
But perhaps in her heart
There grew a tempest.

She proving wrong wrong her last statement
Wanted to clear him out her reason of torment.
Going back into the lane of faded memories
She narrated her son, a true story.

'Two young men handsome
Moving around to get into a profession.
Were at the dawn of their youth
One was Smith and the other was Hood.

Their glass of spirits was no more vacant
Arriving fame towards them, no one can prevent.
They had promised themselves
The dust of their foot will be kissed by success.

They wanted to achieve everything
At he cost of anything.
They had forgotten the meaning of failure
Cause only once it accompanied them at the age so tender.

Was it truth or rumour
In the air?
Their friendship was so intense
They could die for each other'

Now again, she went through the fits
Locking her fingers tightly in her fists.
He requested her to sleep
She was but trying to stop her weep.

The son judging the situation
Asked her to pause the narration.
But she being immovable to her decision
Continued the story from intermission.

'Begun to shine Smith's stars,
But Hood, with his fortune, was still in war.
Smith had started meeting people of his interest
But something went wrong greater than disgust.

Every week was found a dead body
Of people with whom Smith met daily;
Due to which Smith's life suffered a downfall
And seemed everything was in its reversal.

The way of murder was same
Signifying, the killer of Smith's dreams was the only man.
No one could predict the killer
Smith's carrier was in great danger.

This way or the other
For all this, Smith was the centre.
Whenever he met the mile-stone of his carrier,
Those mile-stones were sent miles away from this world.

Smith was tensed and worried
His glass of spirit seemed to be emptied.
Nothing in his life was going good
So, decided to go for a drink along with Hood.

Hood and Smith enjoyed the wine
Hoping for the future to get fine.
Beyond the limit, Hood had drink
'I..I..Yes I am the one

Who has ruined your life in disguise
I am the reason of your cries,
I am the killer of your success,
And your success makes me feel jealous.

You stole Carla- My lover
And slept with her.
Between me and fame, you were the obstruction
And then I vowed of your destruction.

Fortune was always on your side
I tried a lot to be wise
But everyday you poked my heart
As I saw fortune to be favourable on your part.'

The lightning of shock struck the floor
When Smith found someone on the door.
She was no one
But the girl of discussion.

Into the room she stepped
And, to Hood, she gave a look of hatred,
Said, 'My life why did you drown?
Why did you make my life upside down? '

This was no less than a trauma for her
Which she will suffer forever.
With her, Love and Life both have played
Though better would have been if she was dead.

Cause she was once loved by a man
But was not given any attention.
She hated him a lot,
And with Hood she got involved.

The shock was no less unbearable by Smith
He sweared of forgetting him here with.
He had turned, after a long time, emotional
Just because of his closest friend's betrayal.

Both the broken spirits
Joined together and married,
'Today Forty years are over
And your Dad still busy in his carrier.'

'After a week's marriage
A blood curdling news hit the door bell,
To everyone, the news had scared
Hood was found murdered.'

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