The Kingdom Of Dogs (12) Poem by Freeyad Ibrahim

The Kingdom Of Dogs (12)

by Freeyad Ibrahim

They worship them in the West
They hate them, hit them in the East
In the Muslim world dogs are unclean
Washing hands seven times,
With dirt, that is best, to get purified & clean
Here in the no-Muslim world, of round buttocks
Of graceful bare legs, big heads, small stomachs
They don't wash their hands
But to ensure the dog's health,
they wash the dog's feet& hands
No disapproval or reprimands
In the Muslim world no dog enters a house
If he enters a house, they will kick him,
Not with bare feet, but with a heavy stick
They beat him, maybe kill him
Here they spent much money and time
On their dogs and dogs demands
I buy no expensive food, being poor
I find this a terrible mistake, a sin, a crime
While my new neighbours buy it,
for their dear dogs, seriously I mean
It is one of their prime,
That is how mesmerized I'm!
They are with their dogs always to be seen
Live with them as a member of the family,
Being dirty, muddy, unclean or clean
Urinating, peeing, pissing, at the daily routine
They go with the owners in their restaurants,
Yellow or green, strutting like a queen
They sit and gaze proudly at their Dogs
Drinking coffee with or without caffeine
They accompany them in their bedrooms
With them in their kitchens, tables & chairs
No one reprimands or prevents them,
Who dares
They enter with them in their bathrooms
Washing their hairs, and their dogs' hairs
Their saliva gets stuck with their hands
Imagine where their piss & pee lands?
And the hands are making bread
and we eat them, no alternative instead
You are escaping promptly from the hell
of the bloody mentally sick leaders
and coming inside the hell of dogs to dwell
You are running away from your dirty dogs
and coming to live with new clean dogs
Remember the dogs there have got a white faeces
For they are all afflicted with viral hepatitis
There is no need here in Europe to wash your hands
The impurity is found in your loaves, you eat
Loaves of bread with butter, cherries & cheese
If you were truly Muslims, fleeing out boredom,
you would not have settled in the Dogs' Kingdom

Dutch Writer

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