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Honey…To Love You Is My Ambition

I Love You With No Condition
by Freeyad Ibrahim

by Freeyad Ibrahim

Died as he lived

Praise "Bad" When "the Worse" Comes
By Freeyad Ibrahim

People before the virus

Bt Freeyad Ibrahim

One of the great figures in the history
He is still a phenomenon, a mystery

by Freyad Ibrahim

Despite the wars in the Middle East countries,
there is not a single case of suicide in centuries

Victor Hugo the owner of The Miserable died of pneumonia
Leo Tolstoy the owner of Anna Karenina died of pneumonia
Fyodor Dostoevsky the owner of The Crime and Punishment died of pneumonia
George Orwell the owner of the Animal Farm died of pneomonia

Its Bone is for his Excellency

Poem by: Shokhan Aziz

Forbidden Love

I'd like To recite
My first beloved

by Freeyad Ibrahim

The Strange Guests
do not shake hands with their Hosts

by Freeyad Ibrahim

I do not look to the low lowly
For without low, there would be no high

First Love Is Impossible To Forget
By: Freeyad Ibrahim
The First love is never to forget


By Freeyad Ibrahim

Don't try to imitate anyone
Because imitation is

By Freeyad Ibrahim

They say it is Ramadan
I say yes it is welcome

By Freeyad Ibrahim

The misfortune of the Middle East is that

By Freeyad Ibrahim

We always see the Past
Before our eyes

When I die
Take all my organs
Out my body
Exclusive my heart

by Freeyad Ibrahim

She -average- wears as he wears
She walks as he walks

by Freeyad Ibrahim

Being with you, I in paradise dwell
Not living with you, is living in hell

By Freeyad Ibrahim

He wrote to his girlfriend:
On the street where you live,

Devil in the Paradise or Saint in the Hell

Which ever way he turned
he faced the same alternatives:

Freeyad Ibrahim Biography

I am writer, translator, poet, novelist Dutch (Netherlands) Nationality. Master Degree in Arts in Oriental Literature. University Degree in English language. 30 years docent in both languages: Arabic, English. I am married have children. I have written novels-fictions (books) in four languages (Arabic, Kurdish, English, Dutch I like to write in life-wisdom, love. Thanks to my friends: both readers and poets who give me the power and encourage me to continue writing poems, for being a poet has not been my first option to write in. I do it for hobby. God Bless all of you. Be Happy....Don't Worry (Let this be your motto in life) . My kind regards and best wishes. Freyad Ibrahim (Hugo))

The Best Poem Of Freeyad Ibrahim

I Love You With No Condition

Honey…To Love You Is My Ambition

I Love You With No Condition
by Freeyad Ibrahim

I've got just one ambition
To Love you without condition
I think before taking decision
But your love is beyond decision
your face is a pure perfection
No need then for any addition
Come up to my garden of love
Without asking for permission
I love you with no condition
Be merciful I feel alone
I wait for a faint breeze passage
To give it an oral message
It is not sin to love darling
All prophets loved before
they received divine message
Nothing is sacred as passion
Loving is alike Loving the god
Makes you fine..makes you divine
Until the Day of Resurrection
Freyad Hugo

Freeyad Ibrahim Comments

Belle Wassermeister 25 August 2021

A highly intelligent individual who has written novels in four languages! Amazing!

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Rajnish Manga 26 November 2017

I am fortunate to have read some of the poems composed by Freeyad Ibrahim and found them in tune with the time. He has a grip over contemporary history, social and political pulse and events. His expression his immaculate and his translations are marvelous. Really a joy to read. My best wishes to him. extremely

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Freyad 12 August 2021

I am proud to be praised and appreciated by you, it seems to me you too are marvelous in analyses of poetry, I hope my poems get more attention from Ranish,

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Freeyad Ibrahim Quotes

The poor is the most honest passionate lover, because he could not find any temptations to offer except for his Heart.

I am astonished at those who wash their faces several times a day, and do not wash their hearts once a year.

Nothing is heavier than empty vessels on the heads of the hungry

Love Me, Love My Dog

To Beguile the Time, Look like the Time.

Love Me, Love My Dog!

Wars are black spots In the face of history

The brutalities of progress are called revolutions. When they are over we realize this: that the human race has been roughly handled...but that it has advanced. (Victor Hugo)

'The Last Laugh is God's.' -Victor Hugo

'Ruins Often Acquire the Dignity of Monuments.' -Victor Hugo

'When he had money, he visited the poor, when he had none, he visited the rich.' (Victor Hugo) about the bishop of Digne

Nothing is more despicable than Respect based on Fear (Victor Hugo)

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