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I am writer, translator, poet, novelist
Dutch (Netherlands) Nationality.
Master Degree in Arts in Oriental Literature.
University Degree in English language.
30 years docent in both languages: Arabic, English.
I am married have children.
I have written novels-fictions (books) in 4 languages (Arabic 4, Kurdish 2, English 2, Dutch 3) . ...

Freeyad Ibrahim Poems

I Love You With No Condition

Honey…To Love You Is My Ambition

I Love You With No Condition
by Freeyad Ibrahim

Its Bone For His-Excellency

Its Bone is for his Excellency

Poem by: Shokhan Aziz

Poem by Freeyad Ibrahim

Sister Simplice truthfullness
She had never told a lie


Victor Hugo the owner of The Miserable died of pneumonia
Leo Tolstoy the owner of Anna Karenina died of pneumonia
Fyodor Dostoevsky the owner of The Crime and Punishment died of pneumonia
George Orwell the owner of the Animal Farm died of pneomonia

Praise "Bad" When "The Worse" Comes

Praise "Bad" When "the Worse" Comes
By Freeyad Ibrahim

People before the virus

Freeyad Ibrahim Quotes

13 January 2021

The poor is the most honest passionate lover, because he could not find any temptations to offer except for his Heart.

13 January 2021

I am astonished at those who wash their faces several times a day, and do not wash their hearts once a year.

14 January 2021

Nothing is heavier than empty vessels on the heads of the hungry

16 January 2021

Love Me, Love My Dog

16 January 2021

To Beguile the Time, Look like the Time.

Freeyad Ibrahim Comments

Belle Wassermeister 25 August 2021

A highly intelligent individual who has written novels in four languages! Amazing!

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Rajnish Manga 26 November 2017

I am fortunate to have read some of the poems composed by Freeyad Ibrahim and found them in tune with the time. He has a grip over contemporary history, social and political pulse and events. His expression his immaculate and his translations are marvelous. Really a joy to read. My best wishes to him. extremely

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Freyad 12 August 2021

I am proud to be praised and appreciated by you, it seems to me you too are marvelous in analyses of poetry, I hope my poems get more attention from Ranish,

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