Merry Christmas Poem by Freeyad Ibrahim

Merry Christmas

Rating: 4.3

by Freeyad Ibrahim

The Strange Guests
do not shake hands with their Hosts
Because they regard them Heathens
But they all shake hands with doctors
and before using shake hands
with their medications.

They do not visit their churches
but when asking for asylum
and their requests are refused
they pray and prostrate in their Churches
in a great hurry, in a great worry
in front of the Statue of Jesus and Mary.
Copmpletely Contradictions.

They do not use their meat, it may contain pork
but they all eat their pork in the form of medications
Food supplements manufactured in New York.

Condemned Contradictions!

They regard the pigs to be sacrilege
but the donating organs are coming from them

Personally, I don't eat pork because I find it unhealthy,
but I don't hate, nor disgust them

Much of medicines, creams come from pigs
From pigs' skin the drums are made
From pigs' skin violin strings are made
Bristly hair of boars used to manufacture toothbrushes
Oils, glycerine do come from them.

I don't hate pigs for they are more useful
than humans who are idle, who sit useless,
who wander in streets, unemployed, aimless

They pray for God to undermine their civilizations,
to exterminate them, cursing them, for they are heathens,
people are guided and driven by frustrations.

In their way to Mecca, they curse the heathens,
sitting in aeroplanes made by pork- eating-Heathens.
Unreasonably, they reason with no reasons

Whom they call unbelieving, heathens
Whom they regard sacrilege!
it is really the Culture of Contradictions.

They forbid sharing or greeting them in their Feast-Days
Living amidst them, getting provided by them
protected, fed, harboured, honered by them

No Devils, no Heathens, they are Angels!
I shake hands with all my Angel- Hosts
I say highly, merrily, heartly, my dears
From my deepest heart, my best wishes

Fryad Hugo
(Dutch Writer, Author)

Sylvia Frances Chan 22 December 2022

No matter what occurs, enjoy all the light and the lighted surrounds that make your heart and insight happy and you will feel blessed, dear Freeyad!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 22 December 2022

..............and..please know that the great late famous Van Gogh used pig hair for painting all his paintings, since he regarded other sort of hair too expensive for him to buy I don't care about all differences in our sight,

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Sylvia Frances Chan 27 December 2022

YOUR forever friend, Sylvia. I won't forget you either.....liefdevol

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Sylvia Frances Chan 27 December 2022

Congratulations! Today is your Merry Christmas on number 89 of the Best Poems of Member Poets. I am so happy for you, dear Freeyad

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Sylvia Frances Chan 23 December 2022

Ook ben ik erg blij te horen dat mijn commentaar jou bevalt. Met thee en koekje is het nog gezelliger, hihi

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Sylvia Frances Chan 23 December 2022

Ook zeg ik tegen jou nu: Fijne Kerstdagen in 2022 en een Gelukkig NieuwJaar 2023, lieve groeten van Sylvia

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Freeyad Ibrahim 22 December 2022

pleased with your genius words..proud of you dear Sylvia...ik wens je allerbeste toe en fijne kerstdagen en gelukkig new jaar

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Sylvia Frances Chan 22 December 2022

LAST: but the most precious and important thing IS: to have a merry and Blessed Christmas, no matter the differences, and make sure you scatter Peace On Earth. Most deserving, myriad Scores.5 Stars up above these

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Freeyad Ibrahim 22 December 2022

hele fijne feestdagen en een liefdevol 2023! Sylvia you still back me...I won't forget you ever...liefdevol

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