The Knowledge Of The World’s Best Language Poem by Raja Basu

The Knowledge Of The World’s Best Language

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I am so proud that I speak languages so many –
English, French, Hindi, Bengali. Do I have competitor any?

I speak English just like an educated Englishman does
I speak French exactly as spoken by the French mass.
My Hindi is undoubtedly one of the bests of its kind
My Bengali is the best that can come into anybody’s mind.

Other day I was going to office, when I heard a commotion so loud
I had to stop my car, as the road was blocked by a huge crowd.
A man came running to me, with appeal in his voice
“Please help me sir, ” he said, “I have no choice.
“My wife is hit by a car, and she is badly injured.
I have to take her to hospital, so that she is cured.
Can I please use your car, so that I can take her to hospital?
Please sir! Any delay at this time can make the injury fatal.”

“I am so sorry, ” I said in a voice sans expression.
“I wish I could help you, but I have no option.
I have to reach office in time, and so I am helpless.
Please excuse me, and look for someone else (to help you) ”.

I restarted my car, and resumed my journey towards my office
I switched on the radio, and tried to put my mind at ease.
It was then that I had this realization, something that I did not want to realize
As realization of flaws is not welcome to any person, whether stupid or wise.

I realized that my so-called great knowledge of language should actually arouse pity
As I am devoid of the knowledge of the world’s best language, the Language of Humanity.

Dr. Lubna S. Khan 09 May 2006

good one! SIR

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