The Story Of A Deserted Castle

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Today I am completely deserted, and stand alone in the midst of a jungle
My condition is extremely bad, and anyday I am likely to crumble.

Today I have no charm or appeal, and to everybody I am so unwanted
And this infamy has been attributed to me, that I have been haunted.

Today I am a poor mansion, one which has outlived its old glory
And I have nothing to boast of, except my old story.

Once upon a time I was a royal palace, a palace with so much pomp and glamour
There were lots and lots of people, thus resulting into huge clamour.

I was always decorated like a bride, courtesy the stupendous royal wealth
I was so happy, so proud of my beauty and health.

Dignitaries would regularly visit me, and would highly praise my beauty
Thus constantly enhancing my deep-rooted pride and gaiety.

I was fully conscious of the fact that I had a social status
I knew that as a mansion I was genuinely attractive and gorgeous.

Alas, today everything is past, that does not exist (anymore)
I cannot hold back my tears, no matter how much I resist.

My pride is long gone, and now I have only an appeal so humble
I just want The Almighty to make me fully crumble.

Miriam Maia Padua 10 November 2008

nicely written....sad will touch anybody's heart...written with humility....more power...more poems to share with us...God bless you....10 for this...

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Reshma Ramesh 05 November 2008

ohhhh that was a sad and sweet poem....great write

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