India - The Plethora Of Natural Beauties Poem by Raja Basu

India - The Plethora Of Natural Beauties

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'Colourful Personified! ' This is precisely what can be said
When one sees the natural beauties of India, so rich and varied.

It is here that you can see chilly mountains crowned with white snow
It is here that you can experience hot deserts under the Sun's full glow.

It is here that you can find lush green forests with wildlife so rich
It is here that you can see a blue sea with a spectacular beach.

Everything that you find in the world is found in this land
Whether it is a tropical forest or a desert with golden sand.

You just name it and India has the feauture
Varieties of natural attractions, exactly at par with India's rich culture.

Proud to say, I am a child of this land
The amazing and beautiful India, my dear Motherland.

Donny S 05 May 2006

Rock on my fellow Indian.... This is all we need to hear about our beloved India Keep up the good work! Dona

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we are blessed to be born in such a beautiful country.

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Miriam Maia Padua 10 November 2008

wow..wonderful write....beautiful and vivid description of the beauty of India..very captivating....which I only see in my dreams...Thanks for sharing....God bless..10 for this....

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Anjana Aravind 14 August 2006

What ever you said is correct. I am proud to be an Indian too. You described everything well. Anjana

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Zoe Smith 19 July 2006

Lovely poem of India with a nice rhythym. Namaste, eliza

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Preeti - is here! 23 May 2006

'Colourful Personified! ' ^^^ Definitely sums it all up~ Lovely write~ I am proud to be an Indian too :) Preets

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Sonny Rainshine 05 May 2006

A place I've always wanted to visit. So rich in history and spirituality. A nice anthem for your country.

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