The Last Laugh? Poem by Linda Coker

The Last Laugh?

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Mr. C did not feel well,
The pain was in his back.
He twisted, squirmed, he tossed and turned,
But those bones just would not crack

Mrs. C was trying to sleep,
But his pain she hoped to ease.
She flung the covers fast away
And rolled onto her knees.

He gladly turned onto his chest
While she kneaded, pushed and prodded.
She punched, massaged and squeezed his back,
But the pain – she could not dislodge it.

Nothing moved, she heard no pop,
She flopped back down in the sack.
Her husband sighed ‘it just might help
If you walk upon my back.’

‘I’m game to try! ’ She laughed and then
She stood upon the bed.
It was the last laugh for Mrs. C,
As the ceiling fan blade struck her head.

That caring wife gave not one thought
To the ceiling that was so low,
Or the rapidly spinning fan above
That delivered the fatal blow.

She only thought to help her mate
Who, in his pain, did distract her.
Her insurance eased his pain quite well,
He’s now dating his new chiropractor.


Chuck Audette 21 February 2007

Hee hee! Fun one, nice rhymes! It always pays to keep your head in those situations..10. -chuck

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