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Adult ADHD
has gotten me
too much TV
can't you see?

'Truth is Love'
such words were said
as the poet painted
the town

To the heavens they would rise
my yarns, excuses, alibis.
Such tall tales I could tell
and all constructed very well

the wind whispers
a wary warning
There was plenty, still
early this morning

in a dress
I suddenly find
a sea of laughing faces

a loud crash
shocks me from sleep
that damn cat
knocked my stuff in a heap

a fitting pun -
I was misled
the seamstress
was only

the medical examiner knew
she wasn't up-to-dating
but this was the woman who
he'd spent his life a-waiting

Love flew in my window
I thought 'whatever for? ! '
in the past it just brought woe
so I showed it to the door

I watched the days
and time
fly by

They say:
'you snooze, you lose'
and it's said like a truth I should keep
but the uncouth answer I choose

concreteconcreteJimmy Hoffacreteconcreteconcrete

A man gets captured by cannibals
every day they poke him with spears
they use his blood to wash down their food
at the end of the week, he's in tears.

with Dracula
I've a date tonight
we'll be out late
and get a bite.

My wife cuts my hair
my hippie days are done
the kitty below my chair
thinks the severed locks are fun

the moon
seems very loud
I need a cloud

I've got a wedgie
Riding up my crack
I'd pull it out
But first must look back.

It looks like forced entry
by a criminal hardened -
Where is the sentry
who's guardin' my garden?

Chuck Audette Biography

Hi! I'm Chuck Audette Thanks for reading! I always appreciate comments and constructive criticism, so don't be shy! Here in Vermont it's already cold, so I'll warming by the computer and will be sure to read your poetry in return.)

The Best Poem Of Chuck Audette

Adult Adhd

Adult ADHD
has gotten me
too much TV
can't you see?

surfin the web
can't concentrate
I'm at my job
but my brain is late.

chores at home
still not quite done
and I should exercise
but my mind has run

I want to write more
but this is all I can do
losing track
this poem's about who?

Chuck Audette Comments

Esther Leclerc 28 March 2006

I thought about listing my favorite (so far) poems by Chuck, but then this whole comment would be one groaning LIST... Chuck is a real writer, one who thinks and knows and feels. What I mean is, he has the skills and he uses them; but he also has a true gift which he doesn't squander, the mark of a true artist... Much of his poetry flows so well, it seems effortless; but I suspect there is actual work involved. I hope there is - - if not, he's another poet/that's got my go-at! ... Keep on keeping on, C. C. Writer. And mind the size of your head 'cause if anyone's got a right to a size 42 hat, it's YOU! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Your grateful, laughing pal - - Est: ]

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Brian 06 May 2019

Thank you for making a grey, rainy day greyer. True crime and poetry waltz well with you beating time. But what'd time do to deserve it?

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Meg smeed 29 May 2018

I am so Sorry for that comment my friend made. I love your poem.

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gogo 22558 29 May 2018

how does that relate to poetry all your talking about is mr audets is great at poetry, the guys probably a frod, do you even take the time to listen what the guys talking about? I will bet that if you look up one of his poems it will come up withe some one else then grade 1 frog. find a different poet to fall for. I am sorry for my chose of words but find someone else.

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Cj Heck 05 August 2009

Rarely does one come across a poet who has the uncanny ability to say so much in so few lines. When I need a smile, or a chance to think... I come and read Mr. Audet's work. He's a genius with brilliant ideas that seem to effortlessly flow through his fingers onto the keyboard to grace our computer screens. I bow to his talent... Warmest regards and respect, CJ Heck

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R H 18 October 2006

Contrary to his modest biography, Chuck Audette's superior wordsmithing places him in a league of his own. He has a flair, wit and imagination that combine to make him one of the most original writers I have come across. His wordplay is second to none - sometimes so subtle that the reader may not fully appreciate his lexical gymnastics on first reading. He is the master of brevity, an unashamed rhymer and a respected commentator here at PH. His poetry has fast become an indulgence of mine and judging by the other comments I have read on his work, I know I am not alone. So, keep them coming Chuck - you know you're good...! Justine.

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Chuck Audette Popularity

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