The Last Page Poem by Bleeding Heart

The Last Page

The Last Page
I’ve had this notebook for a while.
I’ve ripped out far too many pages.
But now I am at the last page.

I am sitting on my front porch
Wondering how the days have gone by so fast.
And how this is almost over yet it feels like it only just begun.

This last page shows all I have learned this year.
And all the mistakes I’ve made.
And all the trials I have faced.

I have gone through so much pain.
But there has been much joy as well.
That is what these pages represent.

My journey is over but another will begin.
But this time I’m praying it will be different.
And I’ll discover the things that I need to learn.

This page stands as what we all have endured.
And all the journeys we have taken.
That has led us to this moment.

As I sit here, I look back and I remember.
But we know we have to start another notebook.
Because this one has reached its end.

We will remember the friends we have made and the one we have lost.
And the unforgettable moments that will live forever in our hearts.
We will look back at this notebook.

But now is the time to move on.
And start a new chapter in our stories… A first page.
Of the rest of our lives.
But that last pages will be with us.
No matter where we go or what we do.
We will always remember that last page.
The Last Page.

jojo (loves) 07 January 2019

nice poem you gave me an idea of my own thanks

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jojo(loves) 07 January 2019

nice poem you gave me an idea

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