The Last Time Poem by Valerie Hutchinson-morgan

The Last Time

Rating: 4.8

When a beloved one leaves suddenly
Without time for last goodbyes
You search your memory files
Where last times are stored.

The last time we went to the airport.
You laughing all the way
Joking when we got stuck in rush-hour traffic
For the last time.

The last time you helped me
Check my over-weight luggage.
Laughing at the chaos
And the guy trying to keep the line straight.
The long wait, more minutes with you
For the last time.

The last time you walked with me
To the departure gate.
A few minutes for hugs and kisses
Looking back at you, blowing kisses
Until you were out of sight
For the last time.

The last time we talked on Viber,
Laughing, joking, chatting for one hour.
Funny how Viber worked well that day.
Perfect connection, no interruptions
For the last time.

The last time I called you,
Just as you were going out the door
For a walk to your favorite restaurant
To feast on your favorite meal
For the last time.

The last time you ended our phone chat
With the words you always said,
'I'll call soon. Bye sis, Love you'
I didn't know I was hearing your voice
For the last time.

The last time you said goodbye
There were no words, just silence.
You, an angel sent to earth for a while,
Now returned to the realm of angels
Where there is eternal laughter
And no more last times.

I lost my beloved brother suddenly. I got some comfort by writing this poem. Dedicated to the memory of
Brian Anthony Morgan (3/19/1963 - 4/16/2014)
Chinedu Dike 09 November 2014

A good piece, well articulated and nicely penned to capture the essence the piece and conviction of the poet. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Michael Morgan 07 September 2014

superior piece in stunning vernacular; very touching MM

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