Bernard Franklin

Rookie (14 Aug- 1958 / Bath, Somerset)

The Legacy - Poem by Bernard Franklin

In the Pacific so vast and far, far away,
a cluster of islands exists.
In the beginning of time it was beautiful there,
bathed in a golden and glorious mist.

The creatures that lived there were countless and varied,
cohabiting in peaceful refrain.
No fear in their hearts not timid with fright,
just carefree and happy and tame.

The seas were alive with billions of fish,
and the water was as clear as a bell.
The whole animal kingdom was content with itself,
little realising they were heading for hell.

After aeons of time humanity came,
and invaded this tiny oasis.
They planted a flag called it ‘Bikini Atoll’
and proceeded to destroy the old stasis.

They drilled and they drilled miles underground,
to bury their Nuclear devise.
With the press of a button creation explodes,
and their world disappears in a trice.

Heat beyond thought, unbearable pain,
a piece of the sun on our Earth.
Radiation immense, the poisonous air,
we had shown how much mankind was worth.

In less than a second everything perished,
to a radius of over three miles.
In ships out at sea behind visors men watch,
they’re excited and happy all smiles.

As the mushroom expanded far out into space,
the debris was starting to fall.
Just one test was over there’s still ten more to do,
how can mankind survive this much Gaul? .

With their tests all but finished, and the destruction complete,
mankind sails away over the rim.
But the legacy of ruin he’s leaving behind,
isn’t bad it’s incredible grim.

Over thousands of years mother nature will rise,
and begin to heal over the scars.
But the stories not over man is up to his old tricks,
he’s just carrying them out up on Mars! .

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