The Little Lord Emperor Poem by Walter C. Edwards

The Little Lord Emperor

The little lord Emperor of universe sat on his thorn,
servants would come and go,
all the laws were all well known,
no disputes have ever been shown,
but then one day a fire ball strikes through the sky,

There where alarms sounding and drums pounding,
all the people of all the lands under his command,
were afraid of their peaceful lives could be so betrayed,
the Emperor after hearing the news,
sat on his thorn knowing what he would do,

The beast was captured and cadged,
all the little subjects were saved,
the creature was brought into the great palace,
such a large place for such little beings,
the alien was brought in raging all around the bars,

It's eyes were red like a snakes,
it was breathing fire from it's mouth,
as the Emperor sat and gazed,
at the strange thing before him,
the Emperor stood up with a megaphone,

Yelled Why did you come here?
load thunderous, grumps and groans,
came out of the beast,
it said I came for you and your doom,
then take all that you have your power, your grace,

Then Emperor ask and for what purpose,
would you do such a thing,
the beast replied to be king of everything,
oh the emperor said,
well that can not be,

He waived a hand and a thousand,
Flies came out of there hives,
they had razor teeth sharper then any knifes,
they buzzed by the being,
just eating him a live.

So now we can all rest,
sometimes the Emperor does his best,
by waiting for dessert to come his own way,
why rush at play when all things,
work out OK.

Error Success