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The Lost Tomb Of Jesus - Poem by Luke Easter

I watched a program on television last night,
It talked about the birth of Jesus Christ,
With no records, photos or videos in site,
How do they know what’s wrong from right?

Modern technology it is said,
Can tell where baby Jesus laid His head,
And if you believe some things you’ve read,
You even know what made His bed.

Scientists also lay claim to know what Jesus would eat,
The exact type of sandals worn and the size of His feet,
As all of this is based not on anybody’s theory but fact,
Surely, given the time period but where His tomb is at?

Ok, why not where life itself originated or how it began?
Then, why is it that only women give birth, not the man?
If as some have argued mankind evolved from primates,
So, are there no Chinese, Japanese and Mexican Apes?

Why are there children who starve to death?
While fat cats run around with cigar breath,
Poor people never seem to get a fair break,
While dogs of the rich dine on T-bone steak.

Too much money is spent on fancy wear,
Animal fur and imitation hair,
Vehicles that go over 200 if you dare,
How come only those that have, need health care?

What about soldiers that fight in Iraq?
Who come home and can’t get their old job back,
They get screwed for taking up the slack,
And friends of Cheney get no bid contracts.

Standing before God what excuses will they tell?
One by one angels escorting them off to hell,
Begging, crying and pleading but to no avail,
God looks on with a frown and says, oh well…

Then they’ll be the ones, who will get the scare,
Eternal pain and suffering without health care,
Forever weeping and wailing for their fair share.
Won’t be any records, photos or videos down there.

At the same time there will be another birth,
Shared by all believers from the planet earth,
So sad scorners will never find out what its worth,
Just because they had to experience it first.

Not just that of our famed Lord and Savior,
Certainly casting a shadow on His behavior,
Also, wife Mary Magdalene they did find,
Science will give us a near exact date and time.

Ancient writing found on the outside of the tombs,
Scribbled in who knows what, can you spell doom?
Wonder what in the heck will be the next great discover?
How about God has 14 older sisters & a baby brother.

Personally, I think they are missing an opportunity,
Heck, put it on pay-per-view, forget about free TV,
Hey! Better still, a weekly series, yeah, prime time,
Leno couldn't make at 10 but Jesus? He'll do fine.

As for the writing on the tomb, let’s get serious please,
Probably the number to a pizza parlor giving free extra cheese,
And to anyone gullible enough to believe in this so-called history,
How about a sizeable tax-free donation to 'Luke Easter Ministries.'

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 26, 2007

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