The Love Of A Drink Drinker Poem by Job Ombati

The Love Of A Drink Drinker

Rating: 5.0

He clutches the bottle firmly.
Sometimes when out of hand,
he caresses it.
Softly as he could maiden love.
Gazes at the alluring shape.
The femininity there in.
Deep into her soul, he probes.
Awaiting another sip.
To confirm it's valour.
And yet...
His love isn't in it.

When drunk,
he remembers his dear dead mother.
And so and so, now dead.
How a good people all they were!
But not Jerusha.
She was a witch!
He mourns mother!
He is an orphan!
He suddenly remembers,
hankering for your sympathy tears.
He declares he's holy.
Holy than you holier-than-thou wife- stealing pastor!
He will be in heaven...
At the very bosom of Father Isaaka!
And the pastor, won't.
Wait and see!
Gospel according to him.

He loves Jesus.
So, he declares.
An altar boy he was.
Carried incense and censer.
Knows all the Bible!
Don't see him like this,
and you think.
He was the choir master!
Do you know the song,
'Atukuzwe Isaka, Mama Maria na Isakariot'?
No! No! and...Josefu.
Who sang it?
Do you know it?
Then don't just see him like that!

At times and when at it,
he can jig.
With one foot forward,
finger slightly bit.
And one hand on the hip,
he gyrates to Pepe Kalle's, Roggea Milla.
A few moves and halts.
His hand instinctively touches the shoulder.
The beret had to be firmly in place.
He could really dance.
It's only age that caught up.
And nothing...nothing, to do with dear, dear bottle.
How did he win sweet Kaveke?
Do you know?
Don't joke man!

Right at the heart of night,
having bid spirits bye,
he sings.
He stops to reprimand competition.
Could those silly frogs pleeeease stop!
They are driving him crazy.
Did they just say Ngoo! Ngoo!
Whom do they think they are deriding!
He then, remembers his dear friend...
Died in line of duty!
Never got to see his face.
Stepped on an IED.
And ants had early Christmas.
Dumfounded she never got to open the casket.
Draped in green, white and black.
Carried and buried by colleagues.
He keens his tint removed wife.
She works at Jemo's bar.
And children begging at Miruka market.
And the girl standing in the night.
He laments the empty coffin!

The wife can hear his sob.
From the direction of Karioki.
Something queer.
The frogs too now listen!

This poem takes a comical look at a drunkard.
Chinedu Dike 12 January 2023

A highly relatable experience. An insightful poem written with conviction

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David Wood 09 December 2022

Great poem! What a character! A good 5*

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