The Mad Princess And The Poor Pauper Poem by priyanka choudhury

The Mad Princess And The Poor Pauper

A mad princess fell in love with a delightful pauper
They made quite a match-
The princess was gleefully mad
All the signs of madness the pauper mistook for love
And he lost his heart to this exquisite malady hitherto undreamt of.

She loved him fiercely, for she was mad
And this neither the princess knew nor her love
All the poor pauper knew now was that
She was his turtle dove.

They bathed together in the moonlight
They sang from nox till dawn
In the meadows, in the garden
They sang till the year was gone.

The queen called in a handsome prince
On the eve of the coming New Year
Who took the princess to be his bride
Amidst much fanfare and grandeur.

It was a regal sight
As colourful as the eyes could see
In many days to come
No wedding was to merrier be.

The mad princess, mad as she was
Quickly said goodbye
To her one true love and set off on her way
Not once did she cry.

The pauper cried from dusk till dawn
He cried when the moon shone
In the meadows, in the garden
He cried till the year was gone.

And in her new home

The mad princess kept awake
On nights that the full moon shone.
She wandered from gardens to meadows
But found her dear pauper gone.

Till today people who know say
That the pauper is no longer in the meadows seen
And on full moon nights, the mad princess cries
For her one true love that has been.

P.S.- The beginning of this story had long ago been written by the pauper. Today I write the end.

Saju Abraham 02 March 2011

God, this is a wonderful poem. You've got a unique style of writing. You can really make the readers feel the pain of the characters in your work. You can be a good story writer too. Good to have read this one.

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