Everyone Asks Why I Love You... Poem by priyanka choudhury

Everyone Asks Why I Love You...

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Everyone asks why I love you
Why love a person who can never love or understand
Don’t they see your silent offering for me?
The copper plate filled with all your heart
Must I shoo you away just because you offer me only muck
Why then should meager devotees go to temples,
If you can’t come to me?

I more lovingly take all your anger,
Than I take other’s love
For I am the source and the conclusion of that enraged spout
no one but me knows how you frolic in my hands....
like a playful kitten
how like the spring of infancy.....
you gently lap at my feet.
All your pride, in my hands, moulded into a beautiful song.

None but me have seen the beauty of your form
I have felt cool relief in your sharp words
the minister will never understand your love for me
like the fish will never understand the weed’s love for the sea.

anurag duggal 10 May 2009

yeah i hope ur conclusions are right and ur optimism as well

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Emily Oldham 10 May 2009

true love indeed... inspiring, thanks Athena *** words will change the world ***

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Ana Monnar 05 September 2007

It sounds like true love from your end.

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