priyanka choudhury Poems

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Tweedle Dum And Tweedle Dee- One Mba The Other Phd

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee
See what a fine pair they make
‘U do an MBA’, says Tweedle Dum to Tweedle Dee
‘While I the PhD route take’

Love Story

Beautiful love stories in gilded frames
Inside the pages were torn, and dog-eared
For too often have multitudes read them and revered them.

Season Of Lovemaking

there lies the human body- all futile, all worthless, all flesh
the season of lovemaking is over- now look at the unshapely wax
these are the legs that had adorned your waist in blatant embrace
now look- they pretend to lie so limp as if devoured by polio

Everyone Asks Why I Love You...

Everyone asks why I love you
Why love a person who can never love or understand
Don’t they see your silent offering for me?
The copper plate filled with all your heart


That night they lay, arm in arm,
heavy with the weight of words sparred
Looking into the black night around….
The inertia of illusion had passed.

Moments Of Free Musings

Oh, freedom, to be free
It always brings a song out of me
To be out running on the roads of my dream
Smug in bed

Mental Hygiene

I have been fighting, fighting in vain
For an ounce of self-respect, a yard of sanity
But these are an elusive pair of twins, they are Siamese perhaps
I keep telling myself that my mental hygiene is my own

The Anklets Of The New Bride

They danced with joy, a pair of silver anklets they were
Studded with tiny bright stones
Looking beautiful on the fair softness of the girl's legs

The Ghost With The Pretty Face

During unaccounted moments
When I let my mind wander to wherever it wishes to go
Your ghost with a pretty face
Comes knocking at the door.

Wiill You Be There

Someday, one day, I will travel half the world for you
Will you..
Do you believe my incredible promise?
Should I wait to make the journey one day for real

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