Francis Duggan

The Man Born To Fail - Poem by Francis Duggan

He cannot boast of personal successes the man who was born to fail
One might say he is unemployable and he has served a year of time in jail
For burglary without violence he is not a violent man in any way
He was born to the wrong type of parents but in our birth we do not have a say.

His childhood years mostly unhappy and his memories of his tender years sad
When he was twelve his mum went to live with her lover and she left him to be raised by his dad
His alcoholic father is a violent person and by him he often was beat
At fourteen unwanted and homeless a poor soul of Poverty Street.

He lives in a basement flat nowadays an unemployed life free of crime
A twenty six years old diabetic, single, alone and in his prime
He works in a work for the dole program his welfare payment is not a handout
He is one who knows of the hard life and of good times he knows nothing about.

The man born to fail is not a failure so much about him to admire
For to save the life of a baby girl he risked his own life in a fire
He ran into the burning building and brought the baby to safety through the smoke
And the child's parents feel so grateful to him and they acclaim him as a great bloke.

Ask not what you can do for your Country but ask what you can do for your neighbour instead
The man born to fail is a success thanks to him a child is not dead
'Tis easy for to be judgemental and so easy to put people down
But the so called loser sometimes is a winner and can become the toast of the Town.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 29, 2008

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