Clinton Siegle

The Mandela - Poem by Clinton Siegle

United States of America
The Mandela Effect test
honesty is some of us are not from here
eternity is questioning are you from here
Mandela effect test
a is the sun white or b is the sun yellow
new shoe brand sketcher or skecher?
Dear traveler, is Japan to the side of China or Korea?
Eternity question is it the lion or the wolf that lies with the lamb?
Life real question is it Honey smacks or Sugar smacks?
America is there 50,51,52 or more states in the Union

The Mandela Effect test honesty is some of us are not from here eternity is questioning are you from here Mandela effect test a is the sun white or b is the sun yellow new shoe brand sketcher or skecher? Dear traveler, is Japan to the side of China or Korea? Eternity question is it the lion or the wolf that lies with the lamb? Life real question is it Honey smacks or Sugar smacks? America is there 50,51,52 or more states in the Union? A quick question on Reality? The Mandela Effect has happened so often since 2003 no one has really paid attention to the mind swapping going on between politicians, and normal people. Is Obama's world are there sincerely 58 states to the United States Union? In Hillary Clinton's parallel world was Abe Lincoln a senator? In a past, world did Sadam from Iraq actually conquer South Africa killing Mandela Nelson such as George Bush Jr stated? Think people before the world illusion changes again. Are you in the right mind and body or has something changed which you knew and now history has changed so it was not how you remembered it? The Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island or Liberty Island? Is there a bridge to Lady Liberty in your mind or not? What about your shoe? What about where is your heart? Ask these questions to a friend and see if you can find someone not from here. The purgatory of Clinton R. Siegle, not Clint Siegle, nop not Clinton Siegle. For 45 years some days I lived on a world with the following items, geography, and physical body. Brand of show Sketcher not skecher. Heart was under the hand which you pledge to not center, not off center, not on your right side. Geography North American was above Suoth America not 2400 miles due east of it. Abe Lincoln was a senator prior to being President. I was on the outside most rim arm of the Milky Way galaxy looking into it. May 19th that changed along with my life, love, and the world in general. That I have seen the heart move from side to side from left center to center to right center to the right side is amazing. That I have seen South America move from below North America to the east is wilder. That New Zealand which was one island is two island and still called New Zealand instead of plural Zealands is even more awkward. Since then I have been looking to see what I could see and have found several items, and history changes is even more astounding. Example China war with Vietnam in 1979 never happened in my world. I had in April of 2016 51 states of the union and DC did not get electoral votes. That the world has changed is even more wild. Those stories have been eating by whatever Artificial Intelligence that is running this world is weird, wild and at times kind of umm. That the DWAVE computers at the CIA base are trying to solve an unsolvable problem with the wrong formula is even wilder. You see the story begins with the Montauk Chair. Their speculation was that the end of time which we are living right now could be stopped. To do this they did several things to time itself to force some other outcome then Jehovah ruling this world and those close to it. They played with time, making people be born out of date, they played with people by bribing their teachers, and changing events by a moment enough to cause a person whose strong opinion would have changed the world one way to become something totally different. Example Montuck took 250,000 kids not just in one world but in 10,000 worlds and sodomised them to create a homosexual culture which is presently showing up now in the end times. Their purpose is to make a world so evil that Jehovah will just stop following it. Following it? What do you mean. In 2003, Lockheed Martin put up a space fence changing the sun frequency from yellow to white. Then in 2007, they unzipped the globe and are flying it away from the sun core. The sun if you can see it is fake, moon, extra is all under a doom moving parallel away from what on my world they called Nibru. You say you are nuts? Of course nuts. However, let us exam a few examples of the up and coming war that is still going to happen. Russia versus US According to your own CIA and Army there wil1 be a reduction of 75 percent of the United States population by it yourself. According to your own CIA and Army there will be a reduction of be a reduction of of Europe by 25%2025. The purgatory of one Clinton R. Siegle. Since my movement from my world I have seen earth moved all around the galaxy. I have seen it in the center of the swirl on the out side edge. I have seen the population at 9 billion go down to 6 billion. I am currently on a planet with 7.2 billion people. My world there was 8.5 billion people, the 8th billion happened in 2014 and was declared a baby girl in India. I looked at this from religious point of view only to be told by a rabbi that I ramble. I asked Christian view point and they said there is only one unique soul. I can say that all those in Mandela Effected position already know you lie. So I began to look. Hebrew bible points out the plurality of heavens, earth is missing the s however not in the original version. You look at the original Hebrew and you will find that Earths are there too. ◄ Genesis 1: 1 ► In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The meaning is that we live in a plural reality.earths not earth. What does this mean? The story of the bible has been played out so many times in so many different worlds that people do not recognize what is going on. Thus the Montauk chair used this verse to change the reality of those that might have said no to avoiding heaven. ◄ Genesis 11: 7 ► Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other." Meaning at one point in time people were to do one thing example run for school board, be a Christian, do something unpopular with the military and were taken and changed. Meaning for an example if you were in the gifted in talented class for two years and you wake up the next and you are spelling dilemma, there correctly but you are beat to spell it dilemna for the next 40 years you too get tired and accept a different worlds spelling, that is the awkwardness that the military should be tried and punshinshed for. The exchanging of minds through out the universo by evil people happened. You say but Jehovah changed the minds first. He did it in groups. Meaning at one time there was a Group of Chinese people all together on one world and suddently there was group of Saxon speaking people. Not just some random kid losing face, do to his speaking ability. SHAME, DISGRACE EVIL you be. The jest of this is this. Purgatory for Clinton R. Siegle, I died along ways away and now I am following my mind through the string loop which they flung kids out into. They did this with their parents also. Youever wonder why the divorce rate went from 10 percent to 60 percent in the 1970s. Tehy moved peopels minds away from their loved ones. Meaning one day a woman wakes up to a man whose voice is so annoying you want to punch him. In the bible that I read this was a statement In judgment day right mind with the right body. My speculation here is die don my world and now am spending a day on each of these parallal worlds looking for my right body to be judged in. That these worlds were opened up like a scroll on judgment day and are fleeing from heaven using CERN as a magnet jump booster is awkward. That the end of the wordl will happen between now and 2025 is even more astounding. The rationale a war with Russia? Maybe the Trump in this world is not from here either. Who would say vote for me on November 28 instead of November 8th. Even though I have written about htis before I did see Britian stay in the EU, and is now it is out of the EU. I did see the election happen on November 14 on one calendar, and voted on November 9th in one world. You might not believe me, however a list to ask your Friends and family. JCPenny or JCPenney Sketcher or Skecher Senator Abe Lincoln or representative Abe Lincoln Where is japan Where is New Zealand What color is the sun White, yellow, Green or blue? In the Bible what do you remember about Mary Magdalene?

Topic(s) of this poem: reality

Form: Acrostic

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is a speculative piece of writing. It takes time for a person to see what it is going on. A cross between body snatchers, and genelogical manupulation along with a future assisins. Let us begin with a story already told. Montauk Project at one point there was 250,000 people on each world going to be trasnsferred as the first people to be part of an inter multiverse training and education program. The brightest minds taken across centuries not just in one year but across time. An example a quantum analyst person knowing how to do something or responsable for finding a math equation or developing some new idea. Next let us remember these words everything is fixed.
On the good worlds of this potential prison universe everyone was happily going along. On the bad universes a secret program was installed. One to eliminate the future of the good universes. How or why bad Works that way I am not sure.
Any the install program went into affect. People that were on good worlds that were suppose to be great or genius lost somewhere between 30 to 80 IQ points. The opportunities of those people were reflective also in that some how they did not meet the right people or were assigned the wrong job or what ever you have on game play. Thus those universes fell behind anywhere in this decade between 10 and 15 years. While on the universes not affect people were allowed to proceed with their life in the normal way.
Out liners are people that are not the normal or average. You were pre mature birthed or like me for some reason I was hospitalized for additional time at birth. Our parents instead of staying together making a happy family divorced and we were moved to odd locations that were usually close to a military complex, or Indian Reservation.
Now presently this has happened say for two decades slowing progress on our universes like I said 10 to 15 years. How come and how did that work. First the Montauk chairs were stolen from universes and mental swipes occurred how or why I am not sure.
Second the mind swaps occurred. Did you ever feel out of place meaning you did not get the joke or reality you were living in. It might be you are not or were not from that universe.
Third this could continure of for centuries if the stories are true about a super computer running humanity in 2800 or later.
Fourth the universes not part of the system or with no Montauk chairs might be preprogrammed to do somthing stupid. Example follow people into a war in Syria, murder people of importance.
Fifth if you have children and there is only two daughters no boys I would like to know what you wanted to be when you grew up versus what you are now.
The end game plan universal domination. Some of the universes I have seen chairs in England, Miami Navy base, Montauk was reopened New Jersey, China and Japan- `potentially meaning they stole more chairs then was agreed upon and their end game is to mix up time, history, and of course universe domination. Again speculative end game.
You ask why. winfinder say that the earth can only support 500 million. Reason might be in one universe they are stealing everything a creating an army to eliminate all other universes.

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