The Merciful Messiah! Poem by Denis Martindale

The Merciful Messiah!

Picture perfection crucified,
For that is all He was,
Right there, before them all He died,
Raised high upon His cross...
And yet He prayed God would forgive
Each wretch within His sight
And that is why God let them live
And sleep another night...

Christ could have called His angels down
Avenging what was done,
To take away that thorny crown
Before God's will was done...
But Christ was faithful unto death,
He gave His life, His all
And with that final stretch for breath,
His head began to fall...

When Sunday came, the Saviour breathed,
He left the Tomb behind,
With thankful heart in all achieved,
No hatred in His mind...
Despite the scars upon His hands
And bloodstains on His feet,
The Lord obeyed all God's commands,
His triumph was complete...

And thus God's mercies overflowed,
When Pentecost was blessed,
The day the Holy Spirit showed
God's joy when hate's suppressed...
For God Himself forgave lost souls,
With signs and wonders, too...
Yes, God has plans and greater goals,
For them, for me, for you...

Denis Martindale, copyright May 2014.

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Friday, May 16, 2014
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