The Month Of May (Translation Of G. Sukachev Song) Poem by Kseniya Rundel

The Month Of May (Translation Of G. Sukachev Song)

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Look through the window and see
The month of May, Month of May
Take your white mug to have black tea
Hot Earl Grey, Hot Earl Grey.
Look, in the courtyard adult guys
Play table games, make mighty deals
And on the pavement knocking heels
Knocking heels, knocking heels

А nightingale begins to sing
All day long as insane.
My neighbor colonel feels ill
For some days, for some days -
She does nо t want to marry him!
The suffering Moses! The suffering Moses!
He is a healthy wealthy man
He had served with air forces.

And cats are shouting all day
And all night, and all May
From this appealing passion starts
A short warm rain, morning rain
And in the spring my city's chilled
And served up, gently hugged
And winds make merrily a din
Above the Moscow river gurgle

And in the mug tea has cooled down
Long ago, long ago.
My heart is full of words and rhymes
It’s overflowed, overflowed
And here the heels knock so nice.
And here yells the month of May.
And here're cats and here're guys.
Come on, come nowadays

Look, on the pavement knocking heels!
See, here yells the month of May!
I’ll present Moscow to thee!
Quickly come right today!

I’ll present Moscow to thee!
Come on, come right today!

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Saadat Tahir 24 April 2011

appears to be a difficult poem to do... translations never easy to do... you have managed to inject realism into it...good job cheers

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