The Mountain Behind The Stadium Poem by Odelana Rapheal

The Mountain Behind The Stadium

The mountain behind the stadium,

Claims the sky with its height grand,
As if it owns the heavens, ain't that so bland?
Its blackness hints at forbidden fruit's band,
Oh, how mysterious, like a magician's sleight of hand.

Green grass on its slopes, hope's tender hand,
As if it knows all, nature's master plan,
Laughing at our worries, like a wisecracking band.

Three trees stand tall, Photosynthesis they command,
Oh, aren't they just perfect, nature's brand?
Ignoring the lonely tree, as if it's been banned,
With no leaves, it's just a failure, ain't that so grand?

On the mountain's right side, a house does stand,
Claiming solid foundation, oh, aren't they so grand?
Yellowish paint fading, pride's gentle reprimand,
Mocking its owners, with a sarcastic demand.

The trees and house on the mountain's strand,
Tell the tale of arrogance, where pride is banned,
For they last not forever, in nature's demand,
Pride goes before its fall, in wisdom's hand.

© Odelana Rapheal Oluwaseunfunmi.

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