((The Mystery Of Poetry - Also An Introduction To My Poems)) Poem by C Richard Miles

((The Mystery Of Poetry - Also An Introduction To My Poems))

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Sometimes the words I write seem not my choice
But feel to fall, full-fashioned, from my pen.
What I should say, if I could have my voice,
Is dull as dross, not eloquent like them,
For various verses from the ether fly
To blossom bright upon the empty page
Like glittering stardust crossing cosmic sky
Which started out from faint, far-distant age
To voyage through eternities of time
To land, a stranger, on this alien earth
To make me rediscover each lost line
And cause subconscious thoughts to spring to birth,
But, surely, all of this is quite absurd
Since only I’m the one who penned each word?

Roseann Shawiak 14 August 2015

This poem touched upon something I often wonder about, where the words seem not my choice, yet they fall effortlessly from my pen to paper. Blossoming like roses in the morning sun, when reading them, being amazed at what I've written, thinking, did I write that? Knowing full well that I did, but it still amazes me that those words flowed from mind to pen. Totally enjoyed this poem, good to know that others feel as I do. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Wojja Fink 28 April 2009

a mystery indeed the muse where vowels and verbs collide and fuse in rows of rhyme inform amuse who is the poet how do we choose? ....................interesting write......John

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