Milton Styner

The Nation's Ink

I remember in the church preachers was teaching about the truth
I remember when people praised God and they meant it.
I remember when we sang helms we felt the melody.
But now
Some preachers are quick to sell a fantasy but not reality.
Some preachers are quick to get a buck than desire to serve.
People are closing their ears and screaming.
Hearts stop beating because we stop believing.
I remember when fathers treat responsibility to his family like a Grammy.
I remember fathers leadership gave his family hope through tragedies.
I remember fathers were the rock and God was always the center piece.
But now
Women are both parenting positions.
Some young men don't have male role models.
And now
Thugs are being the vision.
Policies are being the teachers;
While jails are being the education.
I remember women treat their bodies like a temple.
I remember women clothes had respect.
I remember women carried theirselves as a queen.
I remember women love was a treasure.
I remember women beauty had purpose
But now
Short skits are being the symbols.
And now
Being independent is the new motto.
Focusing on outer beauty than inner beauty is the reason Because emptiness is in this season.
I remember the elderly spoke wisdom and told story's to the kids.
After kids heard them change start to begin.
I remember the community was united.
I remember when situations happen we fought for our rights.
But now
We are selfish.
We are slaves to the green
Some people are quick to give their souls for a little fame.
And now
We wonder why the youth is not tame.
I remember Hip Hop had meaning.
I remember after the beat people desire to engage the nation.
But now
Hip Hop have no light.
Now It's only bass and The four amigos: money, cars, clothes and sex.
I remember America was base on life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.
But now
The nation is blind and trying to see the future.
I remember Dr. King wrote these lyrics and called it a dream.
But now
The generation is in a nightmare and we call it peace.
I remember when we was so filled with hope.
But now
We are filled with unknown destinations.
I remember when love was the nation's ink.
I remember ' In God we trust ' was the nation's heartbeat.
I remember a dream was the nation's vision.
But now
Stereotyping is the bullet that kills the youth identity.
Money is the new Bill of Rights.
While the Pursuit of Happiness has relinquish the equality to the Nation's conscience. By: Milton Styner Jr.

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Poem Edited: Thursday, December 5, 2013

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