The New Abc's

A is for aids
the plague spread not by fleas.

B is for bitch
the source of, I know not which.

C is for conservative, but has other meanings to
as example Christian (declining) , or c (as in c u) .

D is a democrat, or the party,
but once stood for democracy.

E is to the environment
and those that believe the cause Heaven sent.

F is the F word that all know
made popular by use on the tv show(s) .

G may be greens, or government,
and in Florida it's gator, if you don't get et.
once stood for gay as in happy go lucky
now for those who are, but can't be said to be.

H of course is for hillary
the wronged spouse that will see us all in the pillory.

I stands for I-pod, not me,
nor for Iraq; you see.

J is the jew word that some can't forget
for others its an imposition of genetics yet.

K is the tropical storm Katrina,
but also k (as in ok) .

L once stood for lesbian,
now Latino is the calling.

M as in mother of all wars,
but also Mex as they cross our borders.

N is for nigger which you cannot say
unless your are black, then it's ok.

O not stands for big oil which is taking a beating
remember when it had a sexual meaning?

P - politics and politicians are known for this letter
made popular by their doing worse, not better.

Q a queer little word that has so many meanings
but best used to identify those of a life style and feelings.

R republican, is what it is said to be
however the Republic was what it was meant to be.

S stupid (as in stuck on stupid)
is a phrase used to identify those who are, well, stupid.

T tax (or taxes) comes to mind
jingles in your pocket, the tax-man's sure to find.

U of course is you, you see
to distinguish U from me.

V virgin is the airline that flew
like the near-extinct V that's disappearing from view.

W is that Bush that all democrats hate,
George of course is the son of his mother and his pate.

X generation has escaped us as it has another cause
setting their own rules and of course their own laws.

Y why me? You say it's the abbreviated version
which seeks to dismiss all blame or aversion.

Z is I suppose for zit which everyone knows
grows red and worry-some about one's own nose.

And now that you've seen the New ABC's
Perhaps you'd like to add some to these?

(Prompted by the use of Blackberrys, e-mail, Political Correctness, and the New Education.)