Daniel Brick

Gold Star - 87,876 Points (June 10,1947 / St. Paul MN)

The New Life: Fifth Stage For Marie - Poem by Daniel Brick

An Autumn Picture

Leaves, pale and dry,
from branches
which can no longer
nourish them. They
pile up in bunches,
get wet and decompose
into swirls of colors.
How is it
we still love autumn
after all these years
of decay?
* * *
Suddenly, she was there with him.
'That is so sad, but it's
sweet, too. That mix of sadness and
sweetness is your human experience
of the beautiful...I read your thoughts
as you worked. It's quite remarkable
what is happening in your mind
as you compose poems. I am no longer surprised
the small things identify with you,
and they do - very strongly. You could
not have better advocates with the other
entities... ' Daniel struggled
to compose himself. 'Monica, it's been
so many weeks - ' He wanted to say
so much to her, but hesitated. She leaned
slightly forward, 'I told you we would meet
again. Now you know what you have to do.'
Daniel folded the poem absently. 'Yes,
but how do I provoke a Lucid Dream? Can
you guide me? ' He paused. 'The last time
I saw you, it was warm and bright. You
were wearing a yellow summer dress - '
'And now I'm wrapped in wool and scarves.'
Monica bowed her head for a moment. When
she faced him, her expression was
almost blank. 'I know what you want,
Daniel. Almost all humans on earth
want the same thing... You want
a soul-mate, at least, but even more
you want to find your soul's other half.
I would not be so careless by saying more.'
She paused again, scanning the sparse crowd
in the coffee shop. 'It's best for you
to let go of that fantasy. If it is meant
to happen, it will of its own accord.'
Daniel spoke urgently, 'You are my Anima.
I know I have found you, I know for certain.'
Monica folded her arms across her scarlet
sweater, and waited for a few breaths. 'This
yearning is an obstacle to your growth.
Free yourself. And stay focused on that
freedom. Free yourself right now, in this
present moment.' Monica searched his face,
read his thoughts, and realized this was
not the right moment. 'Yearning makes
the heart grow deeper, St. Augustine said.'
'That's true, Daniel, and it makes it
heavier, and you have to carry that weight
by yourself. And it only grows heavier.
How then will you fly? ' Daniel felt drained.
'So is Eros the problem? ' he asked quietly.
'No...No, it's a question of energy.
You recognize the energy that turns
the seasons. You surrender to that force
in things, you take it within yourself,
and are one with it. Eros is within you,
and all around you. It doesn't take much
effort for a human to forge a union. And
you will be free of these yearnings
which have no proper object. Daniel, you
will feel the special lightness
of being human, and you will soar
in untrammeled freedom.' Monica smiled
and rejoiced in her memory of Spirit Flight.
'Forget me... I'm just a visitor. I
don't belong to your dimension. I'm
a traveler, always, no place is my home.'
She paused, and then spoke with utmost
concentration. 'And no one is my partner,
I am involved with the Many.' Daniel was
stunned by her speech. He saw her finally
with his new eyes. 'I didn't think
I knew how to let go... but I'll
change my focus to Spirit Flight...
and Lucid Dreams. I'm determined
to be ready.' Monica watched his
human face sympathetically. 'A larger
world than you have ever known awaits
you. Do you remember the words of
You will become like Marsilio's Sun! ' The last thing
Daniel saw fade was her bright smile under dancing eyes.

Topic(s) of this poem: visionary

Comments about The New Life: Fifth Stage For Marie by Daniel Brick

  • Richard Wlodarski (9/23/2018 8:05:00 AM)

    Daniel, I read this one before any of the others in the series. By accident. (Probably was meant to be) . And now that I've re-read it, all I can say is WOW! For the 3rd time! That has to be some kind of record! (Report)Reply

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  • Richard Wlodarski (9/23/2018 4:33:00 AM)

    YES! YES! YES! Or as you would say, Daniel: Wow! And Wow Again! I love this visionary style of poetry. And man, I'm really looking forward to the rest of the series. Where have I been all this time? (Report)Reply

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  • Bri EdwardsBri Edwards (8/20/2016 1:45:00 PM)

    Eros - Greek Mythology
    Eros was the Greek god of love, son of Aphrodite and either Ares or Hermes. In some myths, he was considered a primordial god, a child of Chaos, who b...


    if i were Daniel, i'd sign up for cable TV and stock up on ice cream and pizza. (maybe)

    ah, two intellectuals have commented before this plain dude found the 'poem'. interesting story, but,
    i'd call this a non-poem. it is an opinion. if i did not rhyme some of my poems, i would probably call
    them by the same name.

    bri ;)

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  • Valsa GeorgeValsa George (8/29/2014 5:38:00 AM)

    I have been following this Pilgrim's progress from the time of Daniel's first encounter with Monica the seer in a Garden in Golden Valley! The poet in his wanderings and also in the composition of poems is again interrupted by the same seer who asks him to get ready for a real change.... some kind of an enlightenment! The readers are taken to the brink of deepening suspense! But in Minneapolis Street, again she appears as a haggard old woman worn with age and the hard grind of life, may be but still with sparkle left in her eyes! She announces that Daniel is not yet prepared well enough to receive the Enlightenment.... He has to give up his yearnings that pin him down and then he will feel light and will be able to soar in untrammeled freedom when he will have Lucid Dreams! What next..... we are all eager! The story is progressing through unanticipated bends and diverging into new tracks! ! Just WONDERFUL! ! Are we for a Buddha in the making! (Report)Reply

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  • Diane HineDiane Hine (8/28/2014 6:13:00 AM)

    Will Daniel be freed from 'the yearnings that have no proper object'?
    Are Marsilio's teachings the key to achieving this worthy aim?
    All will be revealed (we hope) in part 6.

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