Daniel Brick

Gold Star - 77,190 Points [none] (June 10,1947 / St. Paul MN)

Daniel Brick Poems

1. The New Life: Fourth Stage For Marie 8/27/2014
2. Across The Night Sea: A Sequel To A Barge Mysterious.... By Emmanuel George Cefai 9/22/2016
3. Thalasar The Conqueror 1/8/2017
4. An Urgent Summons 1/9/2017
5. King Ludwig The Wise Sees His Kingdom As A Clock-Face 1/15/2017
6. We Prophets 2/4/2017
7. Portraits Of Stockhausen No.1 3/6/2017
8. Portraits Of Stockhausen No.3 3/7/2017
9. A Lesson In Love A Sonnet 3/20/2017
10. A Hymn To The Lord In Lent 3/21/2017
11. Two Watchers 5/30/2017
12. The Treaty 6/14/2017
13. On The Path 6/18/2017
14. Two Realities And Two Fantasies 6/19/2017
15. The Book Of Tobit 6/24/2017
16. Tobias's Journey Rites Of Passage 6/24/2017
17. The Prophet's Summer Discourse 7/12/2017
18. Arabian Nights' Entertainment Revisited 7/15/2017
19. What I Experience 7/20/2017
20. Gruppen 1955-57 / Carre 1959-60 7/22/2017
21. The Angel Of Soul-Love Visits Aphrodite 8/9/2017
22. Your Christian Identity 8/12/2017
23. Ancient Music Now 8/14/2017
24. Heroic Seneschal 8/20/2017
25. A Poet At The Parthenon - No.1 400 Bce 8/24/2017
26. A Poet At The Parthenon - No.2 8/24/2017
27. How Things Stand 8/25/2017
28. Orpheus 9/19/2017
29. Listening To Sacred Hymns By Gurdjieff 9/22/2017
30. 'The Dark Backward And Abysm Of Time' (*) 10/15/2017
31. A Pause On Your Faith Journey 11/7/2017
32. The Space Age A Sonnet 11/8/2017
33. The Appointed Day... Or Not Part One 11/10/2017
34. Envoi 12/15/2017
35. The Adventurer Addresses The Institute For Exploration 12/17/2017
36. A Verse Flower Winter Solstice 2017 12/19/2017
37. Just Locks And Chains 12/20/2017
38. On The First Day Of January,2018 1/1/2018
39. The Visitation Of Angels 1/3/2018
40. The Mission Of Angels 1/3/2018

Comments about Daniel Brick

  • Jez Brul Jez Brul (2/27/2018 7:58:00 PM)

    Sir Daniel Brick is a truly A LIVING LEGEND. His magnificent works are on par with that of Hemingway, Shakespeare and Wordsworth. I salute this great poet of our time. Far beyond compare!

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  • Glen Kappy Glen Kappy (2/25/2018 5:39:00 PM)

    If you're new to Poemhunter and/or haven't read the poems of Daniel Brick, I encourage you to explore them. Daniel can write with the facility that comes from years of practice, with knowledge of the humanities that enriches his work, but, most of all, his writing comes from a lovely heart. He's one of the few poets I regularly visit here. -Glen Kappy

  • Jez Brul Jez Brul (2/13/2018 10:28:00 PM)

    Sir Daniel Brick is definitely a William Shakespeare reborn!

  • Susan Williams Susan Williams (12/3/2016 3:23:00 PM)

    A volume of Daniel Brick's poetry can sit on a bookshelf with its head up and spine straight among all the volumes of the best of poetry from the pens of all the best classic authors- - Dickinson, Frost, Sandburg, cummings, Tennyson, name your favorite. Daniel's pen flows with magic not just ink. His poetry has my head swirling with questions and wonders and imagery and magic and symbolism and psychology and philosophy and memories and heroism and love and joy of living. Every time I have picked up a new poem of his to read I find it Absolutely The Top-Notch Writing that all his readers have come to expect from Daniel Brick.

  • Nosheen Irfan Nosheen Irfan (8/6/2016 3:13:00 AM)

    Daniel's poetry and his reviews are a treasure for this site n for the members n visitors. He has great depth n insight that is unmatched n unrivaled. We are so lucky to come across his classy works that have so many layers of meaning. He is also a gem of a person with a large heart n mind. You can't help but be impressed with his persona n aura that is reflected beautifully through his poems n his reviews. Don't have enough words for him.

  • Bharati Nayak Bharati Nayak (2/23/2016 8:10:00 AM)

    I am just awed by Daniel's poems and reviews.They have so much depth, they are so insightful.It is wonderful to see how he connects our inner self with the outer self.It is always a pleasure to read his reviews.He is not only a poet of very high stature but a good human being as he always inspires others with his positive words.He is a crusader against terrorism and inequality.We can never describe Daniel as a poet, critique or person in these few words.I only salute him for his great contribution to the world of literature.I am so lucky to have met him through this webite- -Poem Hunter..

  • Galina Italyanskaya Galina Italyanskaya (1/6/2016 5:04:00 PM)

    Daniel, you deserve odes!)

  • Pamela Sinicrope Pamela Sinicrope (1/5/2016 3:04:00 PM)

    For Daniel
    PS Sinicrope

    A flight of seagulls,
    A stash of old poems,
    muses and music,
    An imaginary garden,
    A golden skylark,
    A walk in the woods-

    These are the things that
    Unlock his desires
    And set his soul on fire.
    Apotheosis achieved
    On a daily basis
    In the mind of a man
    Who sees the world through a magic lens.

    A black fedora
    And a large winter coat
    Obstruct the smiling face
    And the gentle soul within.
    He’s free with a laugh, a story
    And a kind word—
    An’ irish midwestern’ gentleman to a tee.

    He’s a a poet’s poet
    That shares his passion
    Through imaginative commentary
    And inspired verse

    To you, we raise our hands up
    In a toast of friendship and camaraderie.
    Happy New Year 2016
    Daniel Brick! 

  • Souren Mondal Souren Mondal (11/23/2015 8:28:00 AM)

    Daniel Brick is one of those poets that my college professors used to say 'not to be read in leisure but to be toiled hard to understand'. His works have an immense and profound sense of history - both of the world and of literature - encapsulated in them. I read him first with his Port Trakl poems which were fascinating and gave me 'goosebumps'. Each one of his lines are crafted to perfection and have numerous meanings that is up to the reader to interpret. A master craftsman he is what Pound was to Eliot - 'il miglior fabbro'..

    Anyone who had read his poems would agree that his poems are both capable of teaching as well as giving them 'goosebumps'. His criticisms are extremely detailed and are really positive and commendable...

    Just to say one more thing, and amateur's advice on reading his poems, do not 'rush' with them. Allow the poems to enter your bloodstream as it were and 'feel' the magnitude of them.. And as Pamela said below me, he is a 'gift' as well as a blessing to all of us poets as well as a blessing...

    Thank you for your wonderful poetry and extraordinary criticisms...

  • Simone Inez Harriman Simone Inez Harriman (10/30/2015 4:04:00 AM)

    Daniel, you are a true master poet. Your craft is finely honed laced with vivid images and intellectual insights of human nature and seasonal beauty. I am honored that you encouraged and inspired me to write again when I lay down my pen. For this I am grateful and forever in your debt. I thank you from my heart.

    Simone :)

Best Poem of Daniel Brick

After The Poet's Death

His poems refuse
to mourn his passing, they
detach themselves from
books, magazines, wall hangings
and float freely
in the fair summer air.

Their refusal to mourn is
steadfast. 'He's just changed
his address, ' one of his
first poems says to the new
lyrics. 'He's done this before,
searching for a better place to live.'

'And we always go with him, '
pipes a small poem, barely
audible, maybe not
completed, hardly a poem
at all. 'We are all of us
pieces of his soul, ' booms

the lordly Epic Poem
of 24 cantos. 'We must
catch ...

Read the full of After The Poet's Death

September Comes

In summer, you were stunned
by green things blooming, bronzed
by heat released from every inch
of sky, carried across blue thresholds
by random winds. Oh, how you felt
this is the season of Forever!

'Come hither, ' urged bright morning
and you complied without a care.

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