The New Year Has Come. Poem by Sandra Kavanagh Josefsson

The New Year Has Come.

Rating: 5.0

The New Year has come.

The New Year has come,
It has finally arrived.
The snow is falling softly,
another year has died.

We usually have great expectations,
but I think after the last two years.
We have learnt to wait and see,
what enfolds will soon be!

The stars were always ours.
They shine so deviously.
They have the power now.
They lead the way, enviously.

And those who think they have the power,
will have to learn the hard way.
Not everything goes,
their crooked way.

The energy is shifting slowly,
through the True North Node.
18 months in Taurus,
will bring us abundance and
what we have sowed.

Scorpio's South Node will eventually reveal,
all the secrets they would hide,
all the things they would seal!

So 2022 is here,
May it be a year of plenty.
May you get your hearts desire,
And may your days be lengthy 🙏❤

Verse: Sandra Kavanagh (c) .20220105

The New Year Has Come.
David Wood 05 January 2022

A lovely poem to welcome the New Year.5*

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Sandra Kavanagh 05 January 2022

Thank you David. Happy New Year.

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