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Piles of books on the floor.
Darkened curtains hanging on the rails.
Cups of half-drunken tea to be seen.
Drops of water dripping into the pails.

If I could turn back the clock
and revisit that day.
Things would be different.
I would know the right words to say.

A simple flower is all I want.
Not bouquets of roses or jewels.
A simple tulip or daffodil
Or one of the violets at the foot of the mill.

Uncage your heart
and let me see,
the secrets you hold within.
Give me the key,

Look into my eyes
and tell me that you care.
Look into my eyes and tell me
that you will be there.

Thunder and Lightning
was frightening when we were small.
Now we are older and a little bolder.
It does not seem to matter at all.

Over Dublin's Rooftops,
I see St Michan's Church,
and the Liffey to its right.
I see the tower of Irish Whiskey

Here I am,
the three faces of the Moon.
Clearing the ancestral trauma,
amongst the ruins.

She said her favourite colour was skyblue,
that was before you.
That was after a time of trauma,
And when everything was new.

In a faraway place, there lived a man
and his family and they were very poor.
One day a white bear came and asked for the youngest daughter,
and in her place would be given riches,

In the loneliness of the night.
when everything is quiet,
and all you hear is the wind,
tapping lightly on your window pane,

As I lay here and hold your hand,
the morning has, but come.
I wish our time could be longer,
but it cannot be undone.

Wild horses and red poppies in a field
across the way.
Thats how I remember that rainy day.
The day you left and everything was in disarray.

You are to me my everything,
and even though we are apart.
You are in my thoughts daily,
it has been like this from the start.

I have not forgotten you my darling.
How can the sun forget the moon.
How can rainy days in March,
Forget sunny ones in June.

The New Year has come.

The New Year has come,
It has finally arrived.

I see you and you see me.
We do not care about the world
and all its hate.
We carry on, play in the street

The light within you shines so bright,
but you don't realise.
The effect you have on everyone,
if you knew would be a surprise.

You were always so brave,
In everything that was thrown at you,
in life.
And nobody knew or would have guessed

Little fox sleep.
Dream fast in your slumber.
Little fox do not weep.
The day is long.

Sandra Kavanagh Josefsson Biography

Irish woman living in Stockholm Sweden. I hope you enjoy my poetry. It is mostly about nature, animals, love, romance and heartache. It is about the divine and spiritual matters. A mixture of everything.)

The Best Poem Of Sandra Kavanagh Josefsson

The Introvert.

Piles of books on the floor.
Darkened curtains hanging on the rails.
Cups of half-drunken tea to be seen.
Drops of water dripping into the pails.

Unfinished projects on the desk.
A dress on the mannequin to be sown.
A plate of newly baked scones,
lying on the breakfast table.
A dog in his basket, chewing some bones!

This is the life you lead,
away from everything.
You say it gives you peace,
not to be the center of anything.

It is not for you this world
of crowds, drama and noise.
You would rather sit with a book,
Or look at a sunrise.

The quiet life is for you,
so you have learnt.
The less people you
have in your circle,
the less you get burnt.

Also its a question of energy,
you feel the vibes so strong.
You sense everything,
and what they have done so wrong.

Life is simplier this way.
Being an introvert is not so bad.
The peace and quiet outweighs
everything else.
No need to be sad.

Verse: Sandra Kavanagh (c) .20220206
Painting: The Introvert by Cynthia Decker.

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Sandra Josefsson 30 April 2019

Thank you. You are very kind Rajnish.

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Rajnish Manga 30 April 2019

Welcome to PH. You have such an enormous talent. Thanks & Best Wishes to you, Sandra Kavanagh Josefsson.

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